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Jeff Lim

Jeff Lim has been playing the violin for over 30 years with about 15 of those spent teaching kids and adults from ages 3 to 60. He began his violin studies at age four in the Midwest, where he continued for over 12 years with Cheryl Kutscher, a member of the Des Moines Symphony, as well as with numerous other instructors in college and beyond. His teaching and styles are varied and tailored to suit each individual student, even in a group setting.

Here are a few testimonials from some of his students' parents:

I am happy to recommend Jeff Lim. He taught violin to my son for three years, and I feel I know him well as a musician and as a friend. Jeff is a superlative teacher -- knowledgeable, patient, and firm. He can get onto the wavelength of my (now) 10-year-old son without condescension or pandering. A man of multiple talents, he is also a very fine musical performer and composer as well as a graphic artist. He has an original and widely-ranging intellect, and he is also a person of the highest integrity. I recommend Jeff very highly. — Anita G.

Jeff Lim is a skilled, patient, and inspiring teacher who makes the task of learning an instrument as fun as it can be. He is also an accomplished composer of traditional and electronic music, a performer, and playwright. Children, especially, become skilled in music and reading in a variety of ways. Mr. Lim has an insightful ability to discern how students learn music, whether by listening, reading music, or playing from the printed page, and then effectively deploy that knowledge to improve performance. — Michael O.

My daughter Shannon has really enjoyed her lessons with Jeff. He is a very inspiring teacher with lots of good ideas. His broad range of styles encourages the student to explore new areas of music, and creativity is always encouraged. — Bruce M.

Some of Lim's original violin compositions are available for sale at Each package includes the first recording (MP3) of the piece as played when it was written and a PDF version of the score as well as each separate part.

He is currently working on several animated musical shorts, but is also available for small scoring and studio work.

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