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Peter Sargent

My first exposure to playing and repairing violins was with my violinist and repair person Grandfather, at an early age.
I studied violin for many years under Clifton Jackson, of the Mpls Symphony, and Arnold Bauer of Mpls. My violin repair and playing began over 60 years ago.
I currently play in an several orchestras and visit nursing care and charity facilities to assist those who may be hurting or are shut-in.
I also play at weddings and other important occassions.
I make and repair violins and perform full time. I also work with several school music programs, offer instrument and repair discounts to volunteer orchestra members and students in need. You might say this is my way as a payback to assist other`s, similar to what other`s have done for me. The Violin Shoppe`s mission is to "promote God`s peace and understanding through music."
PA Sargent, violinist/luthier

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