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The Weekend Vote weekend vote: What's your favorite new-release recording from 2008?

December 27, 2008 at 8:09 AM

Here's your chance to vote for your favorite violin recording of 2008!

The year is coming to its end, so let's collect our thoughts on violin recordings released in 2008. I've compiled a list of some of the biggies for you to vote on, but please tell me if you'd like to vote for another 2008 release that I somehow overlooked (apologies in advance!) or that is violin-related but in a different genre than those I've listed.

It doesn't really matter whether you've listened to all of these, I think what's more interesting is: did any of these make it to your ears? And if so, which did you like? That means you are quite welcome to vote for the only one you heard, or one that you heard just part of. I welcome your comments below, as well!

And BTW thanks to Paul G for inspiring this idea with his blog about CDs he bought this year!


From Manuel B. Jiménez
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 1:30 PM

My favourite release from this last year is a CD published by Orfeo label, dedicated to Zino Francescatti. It´s the unique recital played by this wonderful violinist at 1958 Salzburg Festival. He played works by Brahms, Bach, Ben-Haim, Saint-Saens, Ravel, Chopin and Sarasate. Legendary night by a legendary performer!

From Gerome Stewart
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 3:13 PM

Laurie you left out Janine Jansen's Tchiakovsky recording. :)

From Paul G.
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 4:44 PM

Gerome, it was probably left out intentionally. As no one in the US is really able to get ahold of an album and we've only heard snippets out of YouTube. But yes it's a great recording indeed.

I voted the "I have something different" option. I mean I loved Hilary  Hahn's Sibelius interpretation but I almost hate Schoenberg's music (I said almost!!). I do think she has the best Sibelius but I haven't even gotten around to listening to the Schoenberg. But out of all the albums I bought all year, Janine Jansen's Vivaldi recording was my favorite and I was taken away by the music and pictures were painted within it for me to "see".


I see that the restriction is to 2008 released albums! So I guess I'll change it and say that my favorite is Jansen's Tchaikovsky recording. I haven't gotten my hands on an actual album yet but I've seen many previews and insights and no I'll love it. I also know Jansen's work and have great expectations.

From Kim Vawter
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 6:04 PM

I thought that I was just getting a nice recording (Josh Bell) but lately you do get much more.I do like having a CD to zip into my Car CD player but the 4 Season CD contains pictures, an album and a poster/ calendar. It is so nice. I am a fan of beautiful graphic design so I enjoy this extra touch.  

From Barry Nelson
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 6:41 PM

Anne-Sophie Mutter, since I won the CD here, Ive listened to it every day

From Laurie Niles
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 9:52 PM

Okay, I TOTALLY MISSED one, I'm very sorry! Augustin Hadelich's Haydn Concertos were released in May 2008!  Augustin very kindly autographed five of them for us to give out, just a few weeks ago.I personally enjoyed this recording very much, and certainly it worthy of our votes, so let me add that one! (Unfortunately I can't change the poll at this point, but we'll consider it part of our list of top recordings here!)

Yes, Paul, I didn't include Janine Jansen's Tchaik because it won't  be released in the U.S. until....(mark your calendars..) Jan. 27, 2009. We will be talking about it here on, though!


From Gerome Stewart
Posted on December 27, 2008 at 10:02 PM

I forgot Janine's Tchaik hadn't been released ni US yet. Everyone needs to be hardcore and get stuff from like me. Just kidding. :)

From Paul G.
Posted on December 28, 2008 at 12:54 AM

Yay!! Can't wait to hear about it! Does that mean there will be an interview?

BTW, any decisions reached about the "V.commies" idea?

From Yixi Zhang
Posted on December 28, 2008 at 6:02 AM

Technically not violin music, but since each member of a string quartet is a soloist, I vote for Belcea Quartet's Bartok. Here is a little sample of it:

From Christopher McGovern
Posted on December 28, 2008 at 8:58 PM

Laurie, I thought the O'Connor/Sonnenberg CD came out in 2005--Did they do another piece together or was the same recording reissued?

That's a great album, but I still have to give my vote to Hilary's CD. :)

From Yixi Zhang
Posted on December 29, 2008 at 12:09 AM

Also, Mordkovitch’s Prokofiev Violin Concertos 1 & 2 and her Taneyev by Chandos are not to be missed.

From Laurie Niles
Posted on December 29, 2008 at 7:27 AM

Mark O'Connor says on his website that it was actually released this year, so that's what I went with. Indeed, it was recorded a while back. And yes, I'd say chamber music counts, really, anything you guys want to mention that was released this year that was violin-related, counts. If you know of some wonderful orchestral recordings, or jazz violin, etc., please post!

From Laurie Niles
Posted on December 29, 2008 at 7:30 AM

Another: Schumann Sonatas with Carolin Widmann, violin, and Denes Varjo, piano

From Yixi Zhang
Posted on December 30, 2008 at 6:11 AM

Okay one more then I'll shut up.  I'm a big fan of Daniel Hope but I almost forgot that his fantastic Mendelssohn was released early 2008.

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