July 2007

Birthday Reflections

July 17, 2007 08:34

It appears that July is a big birthday month on v.com. On the eve of my Double Nickel birthday I created the following list:

55 Things I Really, Really Like That Make Me Really, Really Happy

1) Dodge, the cat
2) Baxley, the dog
3) classical music
4) practicing my violin
5) Starbucks
6) clean sheets
7) sunsets at the beach
8) browsing in bookstores
9) perfect fitting, soft t-shirts
10) my children, most of the time
11) Nauti girl outings
12) playing in an orchestra
13) vacations to new places
14) my iPod
15) porch mornings
16) marching bands
17) a new box of crayons
18) watching children dance, make music or play sports
19) the way a cat’s tongue sticks out and curls up when it yawns
20) retail therapy
21) when fireflies light up @ dusk
22) staying on the beach after the sun goes down
23) flat, smooth sand
24) reading newspapers
25) that fizzy heady feeling when I think a smart thought
26) putting together a to-die-for outfit
27) photo Christmas cards
28) wine
29) laughing, hard
30) pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns
31) movies @ the theatre with popcorn
32) learning something new
33) dining out in Atlanta
34) Atlanta Symphony picnics @ Piedmont Park
35) going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings
36) the perfect beach chair
37) family vacations
38) autumn leaf color
39) my children’s successes
40) recipes in my mother’s handwriting
41) Christmas lights
42) waves washing over my feet
43) Trick-or-Treaters
44) jackets and hats
45) reading in bed
46) Crème Brule and coffee
47) Italy, Paris, Greece
48) my mother’s paintings
49) finding the perfect gift for someone
50) flip flops
51) expectations, great ones
52) macaroni and cheese, from scratch of course
53) birthday cake
54) Einstein Bros. whole wheat bagels with pumpkin smear
55) olive oil, crusty bread, wine and good cheese, when it’s dark outside

AND ONE TO GROW ON: my wide circle of friends

I am thankful to have so many things in my life that make me happy.

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