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patrick Contreras is from Fresno, California.


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April 2003

Apr. 8, 2003 at 11:35 PM

why do i get sooo lazy on spring doing well on practice, and then BAM ..partying, chicks and bbq'n all converge on me at the same time. Oh well, maybe i need a lil' break...i can't wait too long though, ive got a good three or four gigs coming up this weekend, and i neeed the money. you see im getting this good violin(7,000 dollars..alot for me) at the end of the semester, and it takes a thing called money, yeah its green, smells good, you know..anyway i need 600 more dollars in about a month and a half. Which is not too too bad..except now gas, tuition, and bills are at a all time high.
Well..i dont' want to complain too much, some good things..uhh im learning the khatchaturian concerto, thats a good thing. umm, oh yes, syracuse beat kansas.. and im playing mariachi for oscar de la hoya's upcoming fight, that should be long as the free food is kickin' know-wha-i-mean!
ok 'nuff about me, later

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