Seeking for advices about the right setup of Chinese Yitamusic Violin

October 12, 2017, 12:05 PM · 5 month ago I purchased Stradivarius "Dolphin" copy for 220$, from Yitamusic (Luthier Liu Xi) in T20 level (1-2 level lower from Master Violins if to believe them). Actually I got shocked that the sound is almost same as the Dolphin violin which I heard in Youtube when Akiko Suwanai was playing it (not sure if that's original one or also copy).

In general I'm glad, but there are feelings that it's not the best my violin can show, plus some cons I've noticed so far.

1. When playing on A and E strings the extra sounds, like scratching, or deaf sound when you're playing in mF already. Only when you're playing in F or FF it sounds almost without that deaf sound, though this is the main problem which makes me a bit insecure.

2. I feel like it's not loud as it could be, but can the violin be louder if I make some setup changes, or change the bow?

3. Though the oil varnish shines so so bright, it's obvious that the violin was varnished with 1-2 layers, seems so slim, that the wood texture is too embossed and like swallowing the rest of the varnish like sand. Is it good, or not much?

Actually this is what I'm concerned the most, now I'll explain what I'm using also:

A) The strings are Thomastik Infeld, new, but which I was saving 15 years with black ends, no idea if those strings are good enough as other Infeld models.

B) The bow is heavy Bergner model, but I don't know what kind of wood is used, though that's definitely not pernambucco. It costed 45$, I'm mentioning the price to know whether that's original Bergner, or just a beginner one.

C) Should I replace the ebony tailpiece, chinrest, pegs which were attached to that violin when I bought it, or is this set is good enough because of ebony material?

D) Will the sound change slightly or a lot if I also replace the normal bridge to Aubert one, or whatever else is a better option?

Though I'm playing violin maybe once in a week, or a month, coz that's just my hobby, but I'm very sensitive to the sound. On Summer I checked my playing quality in ancient master violin, the sound was clean enough.

Looking forward to your opinion and advices ^____^

Here's the link of the violin (I hope it shows the photo and description)

P.S. Sorry for some grammar mistakes I might have made
in English


October 13, 2017 at 05:00 AM · Hi. I'd post this in the discussion board for more responses. Thanks. Also, you can search the archives for similar threads.

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