March 2003

March 27, 2003 14:55

holy crap that was a great lesson...

i started the bruch third movement (after listening to the shostakovich a minor concerto on the car ride there... most interesting) and worked on the beethoven spring sonata slow movement some more

and then at the end of the lesson my teacher said "you know, you're a great violinist and what i like is your standards aren't going down." and then she talked about how all too often kids rush through pieces (she did when she was a student). "i had a huge repertiore when i was in high school, but i couldn't really play any of it very well."

i see that all too often with people my age. kids don't realize that you've gotta work at music and getting the notes isn't learning a piece of music. i see so so many kids playing things they aren't ready for (a girl i know who "learned" the bruch concerto in 2 months and now is playing the lalo comes to mind).

it was just so reassuring to know that i'm headed in the right direction.

all in all, a good day


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March 23, 2003 19:18

oh i almost forgot, i'm going to start the bruch g minor concerto this week, which should be pretty fun (i've not played it yet and my teacher's like, you have to play this before you go to college)

i've been listening to it for a long time, and especially love the third movement, so i think i'm going to ask if i can play that first, sort of work backwards through it


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March 23, 2003 11:59

well i had the competition last week, and still haven't heard anything about it.... so hopefully i'll hear sometime this week. i'm not expecting to win any money because there were something like 20 people trying out, and it was basically a crapshoot of whomever the judges liked best, but we'll see.

had a quartet performance that was supposed to be a really big deal at the howard county central library... and of course the entire audience was made of family members or the occaisional library employee... so it sucked, but it was still kind of fun to play... well... kind of... i was just hoping for a big audience, but c'est la vie i guess.

i just got my housing information/forms for shenandoah and have to fill them out this week, and send in my financial aid confirmations and junk like that.

well i'm off to do something instead of computer


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March 10, 2003 14:30

so today i am sick... and my scholarship competition is this weekend... hopefully i'll get better in the next few days, but if i don't i have a plan... all i'll practice is the bach and sevcik and scales and not worry about anything else. so hopefully it won't drain me too much.

oh and on another note of my wonderful day, i fell up the stairs (well, up one or two, and then down about 6 or 7) and i cut my hand and bruised my arm... but i'm hoping that won't affect my playing (i mean, it's just my left hand and arm!)

yeah, talk about bad days.... well i'm off to practice.. that always brightens me up


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March 5, 2003 20:48

oh man i've been so exhausted this week it isn't even funny... i don't know why because i've gotten more sleep than i usually do... but i've just been dragging

this unfortunately means not as much violin as i'd like. i practiced yesterday for a couple hours and not today at all (and monday i feel asleep as soon as i got home from school)..

i'm just burned out... i need a break from everything... but now unfortunately is THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME THIS COULD BE HAPPENING!

i have a scholarship competition next week, at which i'm playing the bach E major partita... i've gotta work on it like crazy but i'm afraid that half-asleep practicing isn't going to help, so i've been doing more technique stuff that i can concentrate on more (sevcik and scales and etudes).

hopefully i'll be better for my lesson tomorrow, and more ready to work (or i'll just buy a case of red bull or bawls and caffeine myself into a state of relative insanity)...

well i'm off for now, but maybe i'll update this dealy later.


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