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July 2008
June 2008

time flies!!

Published: Jul. 31, 2008 at 2:45 AM
two weeks.

that is all that is left of my summer. after that thought: panic!!!!

i haven't practiced enough!
i'm not down to my goal weight (actually a couple pounds heavier!!)
i haven't seen everyone i meant to see!!
i didn't make as much money as i wanted!!


but wait... surely, as i look back, there wasn't 3 months crammed into the 5 minutes it takes me to reminisce my entire summer...

remember when you were a kid, and you would test yourself by not looking at the clock for what you THOUGHT was 5 minutes? you turn back to the clock to see that it's only been 1, or possibly 2 minutes? you think time goes on FOREVER when you're at the store with your mom. surely it will be DARK by the time we get done shopping, with no time left to go swimming or play outside with my friends. oh wait- it's only been 45 minutes, and the pool hasn't even begun to get midday warm and crowded. SWEET!!!!

and now, i look back on the 3 months that seemed like maybe 5 weeks, and realize i've aged, i've wasted SOOO much time on this site (and facebook) and let myself get caught up in work. i haven't REALLY enjoyed but maybe a cumulative week. that's what gets me the most. it's like i looked down, went on my way to work, and the next thing i know, i've let 3 months of experiences go to waste. if i had paid attention, i might have met people, seen things, and gone about my day differently if i had just been paying attention.

maybe this is what happens when you start getting older?... but that sounds like a lame excuse to miss out on everyday life experiences that can teach you lots of things. that' s probably why half the worlds is a ignorant and naive as it is. some people sit around their whole lives and then complain about being fat... maybe what they should be complaining about is missing out on the life experiences they passed by choosing to rather sit on their butts and watch tv or look on ebay.

or maybe this summer has taught me a life lesson, and i don't even know it.

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Fame and Fortune, or Talented and Tasteful?

Published: Jul. 23, 2008 at 12:58 AM
so i'm reading this book. it's called 'solo' by emily barr. It's about a girl who's really pretty, but quite a mediocre cellist. being pretty leads to her amazingly well-paying job as a 'concert/pop cellist' and being famous. but she's just concerned about getting found out that she's not THAT great. she works out, likes to shop, dyes her hair, and really cares about her appearance. (***and by works out and likes to shop, i mean she'll spend alllll day doing these things, and only practice her cello every couple of days)

so i was thinking to myself one day, 'gosh, i could do that.' i could work out and lose weight, really REALLY care about my appearance, and use my mediocre skills as a violinist to get me into the 'pop' culture and rich as all get out. i mean, i have blonde hair, i'm 5'9"... basically if i lost weight and got an agent, and got my BM i'd have it made... right?

but see, her whole life, she's worried she's going to be outted. and she's jealous of the musicians who can do what she can't do. she does more and more to make herself look appealing to the general public instead of making more and more beautiful music.

IF you could be famous and have loads of money and a pretty easy life-style... would you sell out and become a 'pop' star, or would you go after a more 'classic' career (no pun intended) and work your way through the hours and hours of practicing to have it pay off in a smaller way?


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