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Frustrated and Synthetic...

Published: May. 17, 2007 at 6:27 PM
I have a studio recital tommorrow night and I am in the midst of a string problem. I had domninants and a wondertone solo e on my violin for the last three weeks. This past Sunday my G started to sound a little off, but I chalked it up to the humidity (I live in Florida). I have not used dominants in about 8 years until this set and wasn't sure if it was having a moment or going false. Well on Tuesday my G and D strings are false and airy and sound like crap. With a recital on Friday, I knew I couldn't wait for dominants to settle so I bought a set of Zyex. I don't really like Zyex on my new violin, but they settle so quickly that I wanted to use them. Well, they sound like junk. I put the old dominants back on and like the way the old, false
strings sound better than the harsh bite of the zyex. I am irritated that perlon take so long to settle, and frustrated that I have to play on old strings.

I am playing either the allemande or sarabande from the d minor partita. This is my studio recital in front of 30 or so private students and probably 100 guests.

Anyone who reads this, what would you do? Would you play solo Bach on an old set of strings or on a new set of unsettled strings?

Comments please!! Thanks.

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Violin vs. Viola in the world of a 10-year old.

Published: Apr. 18, 2007 at 6:58 PM
I have never written a blog before, but felt like this was worthy.

I had a very funny conversation with one of my students the other day. He is 10 years old. It went like this...

Conversation with student...

Student: I don't want to play this song, there are too many high notes.

Me: If you don't like the high notes of the violin, you should play a different instrument.

Student: Like what? I like violin, just not the high notes.

Me: You could play viola.

Student: No, that sounds boring.

Me: The instrument's name sounds boring?

Student: Yes, vi-ol-a, that's boring. I don't want to play that instrument, it sounds stupid, I'll stick with violin, even if I have to play high notes.

Me: Laugh...ok, violin then.

Moral of the story...

If a student complains about not wanting to play a certain song, just threaten them with the viola, the student will rise to the occasion.

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