November 2006

A Hunt For Henkel>>>

November 26, 2006 12:32

i'm looking for any of the 4 cd's by susanna yoko henkel:

2000. violine solo
2002. henkel & chernyovska
2006. pure bach
2006. ravel chamber music

can some one point me in the right direction?

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Sound Identity

November 25, 2006 13:44

my first lesson improved my playing and practicing exponentially and am having quickr advancement in my pieces. (bach partita no.2 allemnde, bartok rom. folk dance no.1, paganini no.4). when i have any one of these where i want it (phrasing, tempo, ornament...etc) i'd like to upload it so may have a listen.
my teacher complimented me on my ear soon after he heard me play the opening to the bach...accompanied by a sign of relief on his brow and the stream of words "that takes care of that part of our time together" (perhaps he anticipated a more off-pitch brand of playing); he then proceeded to bring my attention to sound...the lack of my sound is probably a better phrasing. i immediately realised this and that's probably where i have discovered and progressed the most this wk; pulling the sound and digging into the strings and the dynamic process to which sound is achieved/sustained...i love this! it is sooo dynamic and sooo mysterious, the process of creating these dimensions on the violin... So his compliments and suggestions were more helpful/valuable to me now than a 6k instrument/ 2k bow, ouch...albeit,love to have those too!

though i felt great in hearing these good things about my playing, i know all to well that there is much to be done to accomplish what i hear the music to be and to attain a more technical facility.
also, i told ben(teacher) that i'm interested in auditioning for our volunteer orchestra, MSO or Montgomery Symphony Orchestra, so our work this week will be dealing with mostly tech: scale, arpeggios, speed...
the latter has been my most neglected area. i think my focus on speed has been little than once every other wk!
time for me to double time!

hope thanksgiving was eventful for everyone,
love and food for all;)

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My Second Blog in A Year: I'm Glad I'm Still Here!! (glow glow)

November 13, 2006 23:52

holy cow!
my first/last entry was over a year ago...
yikes-i hope i never have to go so long without playing. i hope nobody missed me LOL. so the blogoscape/sphere/realm/whatever looks nice and i see some familiar faces/bloggers. how cool. so i had some issues with my fiddle last entry A WHILE BACK! yup, got some feedback from a few...lil support group. thankyou thankyou;8) My god i was shaken. with such a drive as most people here probably share, the passion for your instrument...its demand. the slightest of mishaps can have you blocked from that daily ritual of honing your skill, your understanding. it's an exercise in focus, freedom, and hopefully some gratification. it can be quite precarious, the wherewithal and what-knots---
i would like to take this time to broadcast to everyone that i have a teacher. it took awhile, however, i am very satisfied w/ the "how" of things. i think that my despairing (i.e. where i live and how i can't even get a decent set of strings, let alone a teacher who knows the rep. or just someone with whom i might have rapport with on the subject.) was a valuable process that imbued something...not autonomy, that'd be ridiculous for a beginner...but something similar; like the effect of when you figure out something on your own(verily). how you have to force yourself to pay attention to every little thing-you pick up a rhythm, a sense of pacing and i think ive done thatwell:) good j.o.b. there buddy. (pat pat)
yeah, but this just makes me that much more excited and grateful. what ive done on my own is about to be evaluated for the first time really by ANYONE! other than innocent victims that frequent my life. this friday my chastity will be spent! OK, dramatics aside, i have been going on n' on and now my fingers are warmed up for another workout on the fingerboard. the point is that i have been on my own and the thought of having someone SOME/anyONE to confide in- giving their ear and thoughts/experience once a wk...someone telling me what to do for a change is, oddly enough, v.e.r.y...welcome! BTW, the person i'm talking abot is Ben Sung. i'll probably post his site on my profile if i get comfortable(like if i post b/f next christmas, YIKES). i met him last wk at an IN-HOUSE trio performance that my friend and i recorded and so i might post some of that here. it was a fund-raising performance for a music festival dubbed "ClefWorks" for the high brows here in my lil' town. lot's of fun and very fortuitous, as you can infer from this endless stream of wonderful prose. yeah, thanks fur takin the time:)

a man (lady) can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he gives up. `fortune cookie`

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