September 2005

September 15, 2005 21:36

my first blog is also an auxillary outlet for a very deep, silent scream. there i was, as i have been for nearly a year, wiping down the body of my violin after evening practice...taking the rosin off the wood and string. i use a product called fast-fret; wunderful i find...wonder how paganini and the like cleaned strings; perhaps they just replaced them. i know nothing of gut strings, anyway, i hold it up as would seem routine, but every time it is an authentic look of admiration and gratitude towards my instrument. then i notice the bridge off slightly towards fingerboard (of course)...
after giving the strings some lack, i adjust, then look-
look then adust and "almost", i say "just alittle more", and then. And then with a loud deafening pop, i realize too late that "i didn't give her enough lack, or perhaps i should have done away with ALL the tension". the bridge slips from under itself, the strings pull the tailpiece, hammering it into the body, knocking loose soundpost, something indescribable inside myself, and putting a centimeter fracture where the fine-tuner is situated. these are really my fisrt thoughts since it happend. that sound and what it meant left me in a state of shell shock. for what it's worth ladies and gentlemen, i ve done this many times before. i do realize that you would merit me unfit to lend advice on this matter. i just want to share what i observed concerning bridge adjustment. (i feel such an idiot)
one. release ALL the tension from the strings
two. (most important) while adjusting the bridge, do so in such a way that all or atleast most of your hand (fingers really) is under the strings and tailpiece while keeping firm hold on the bridge until it is convincingly stable and strings tightened. (after what happened im not convinced really, just disconsolate and realizing a unique a bad break-up that you can't get over BREAK-UP! geez)
anyway, probably nonsense though i am open to comment (even moron bashing if it suits you). all i know is that that's how i did it successfully many times before. this last time, i simply pulled on the bridge, fingers between where strings settled on the bridge. well, yes! now i know!
but what a terrible price

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