November 2009

The Rest of My Life

November 18, 2009 14:13

 I’ve reached the final stretch of the first semester of sophomore year in college.  Here at Bard, this is a critical time because we are supposed to moderate into our major.  When I was stressing about what to major in last year, people I spoke with who didn’t go to Bard didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.  “I changed my major seven times!” They would say.  Not so here.  When one declares a major as a freshman, it is simply an “intended” major.  When one moderates, it becomes her official major.  Moderating entails writing a paper responding to a prompt pertaining to one’s intended major and presenting it to a board of three professors.  Now you understand my dilemma.

When I first came to Bard, I had only ruled out one major: music.  This wasn’t because I was jaded or bitter, but simply because I view music as a hobby of mine, not something I want to pursue as a career.  Now, just to decide what I wanted to major in…  Freshman year, I took classes in the Political Science, Math, Biology, Writing, and Music departments trying to find something.  Sometime in the second semester, I decided I wanted to be a doctor.  Yes!  Career choice figured out!  Now what major?!  Some people think you need to be a Biology major to be a doctor, but to go to Medical School, one only needs to fulfill certain class requirements; the major does not matter.  The choice left up to me, I decided to major in my hobby: music.  I am pleased with my decision because I will be taking music classes every semester anyway and it has given me so much incentive to practice!  In order to moderate into music, I can either write a music history paper or give a recital that is at least a half hour.  I have also chosen to moderate first semester junior year instead of next semester.  I am relieved to have all this planned out (finally) and I am genuinely excited about all of it!  Now I just have to get perfect grades.  Ha.

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