November 2008

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

November 12, 2008 15:57

I have been lurking here, but I have not been inspired to post for a long while.  This is my first time posting as a college student.  It was just three months and three days ago the college life began for me, but it seems like eternity.  My high school prepared me well for the academia. In fact, it might have prepared me too well as I am finding the workload much more manageable than high school…  My classes are very interesting, but unfortunately, I have found academics to be the least of my worries.  Having only attended music camps, I was not prepared for “typical” college students – the ones who drink/get high constantly, thunder down the halls at night, throw up in the bathroom and neglect to clean it up, blast music at 3 AM, etc.  Since being here I have lost a lot of faith in my generation.  It’s a sad day when one reminisces about curfews!

Another unexpected aspect to this whole college experience is the homesickness.  I have been at month long camps before thousands of miles away and never felt any homesickness whatsoever, but that definitely has changed in college. I live 1,277 miles away from home, so I have not been home yet.  Luckily, my parents did visit for Parents Weekend, so I have not been completely deprived.  It is strange, though, that after 10 years of begging to leave Kansas, I want to return….

The music program is fantastic here.  I am not a member of the conservatory (I have no intention of making music my career), but I am in the non-conservatory orchestra, which is surprisingly high caliber.  I also attended the conservatory’s first orchestra concert of the year this past Sunday and they did a great job.  David Krakauer, an amazing clarinetist on faculty here, soloed Debussy and some very entertaining klezmer music.  It was my first time seeing a clarinet soloist and I observed some very masterful circular breathing!  I’m not exaggerating when I say they were multiple notes held 30+ seconds.  After intermission, the orchestra performed Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 2.  Having performed this particular symphony myself, I could really appreciate everything about it.  I am fairly certain that there can be no better way to end a concert than the jubilant last movement. At least my love for Rachmaninov prevails.

And just for good measure, the Hudson River:


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