June 2006


June 7, 2006 12:49

Last year I was not a violinist. I was merely a student who had been playing the violin for almost ten years. Then I went to a music camp that my teacher started a long time ago. Sound Encounters was where I met peers of mine who loved and cherished the violin or the other instrument they played. Natasha (yes, from this site) and Kerah (yes, from this site) were my roommates. We also had a roommate - Vic - who was awesome, but she plays viola.

Knot and Ker (how I affectionately refer to my roommates) would sometimes be immersed in musical/violin-related conversation. At these times, I could not participate; I knew nothing. Here's a snippet of conversation many of you should find amusing:

Knot: "...and his Romance of the Violin album is just beautiful!"
Ker: "Oh, Joshua Bell is definitely one of my favorites..."
Syd: "Who is Joshua Bell?"
Ker and Knot: ................................

When Knot and Ker were talking about Jascha Heifetz, I said "What's that?" And they were like "You're a violinist and you don't know who Jascha Heifetz is?!!" They were so taken aback that I thought "Jascha Heifetz" was a religion. I'm not joking. They explained him to me later.

The camp experience lasted ten days and I realized how much Kerah and Natasha appriciated classical music and their instrument. They had been practicing a mininum of two hours. If I was having a good day, I got in thirty minutes. Thank you, roommates. Your influence has helped to shape the Sydney that you know today.

Sound Encounters 2006 begins today.

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