May 2006

1 picture = 1000 words

May 22, 2006 10:24

First of all, here is my analysis of the classical music question:

Personally, when I wrote the question, I was thinking I would be getting adjectives and not nouns, so I was surprised about all the nouns mentioned. I was really surprised that classical music = Joshua Bell to some people! Of course, that doesn't really count because I was jabbering on and on about a certain concert I was at.

Another thing is people think (perhaps subconsciously) that classical music is caught in a time warp. That is evident from all the composers mentioned. They are all about 300 years old. Well, Mozart is only 250, but still!

I guess the other responses are self-explanatory. If one experiences classical music enough, one grows to love it. If one plays and is really dedicated to their instrument, that is the first thing that comes to mind. No negative responses appeared, though! That is what is most baffling to me.

Now for the pictures!

I would like to take this opportunity to rename myself as the cow-whisperer. Seriously though, when anyone else came over, they would run off!


Königstuhl (King's Chair) is inexplicable. Königstuhl is the summit of a hill overlooking Heidelberg. The view is amazing and this picture doesn't do it justice.


We visited a rhododendron patch from 1904 this weekend. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but it was gorgeous. Pauline, I thought of you when taking these pictures because you always post such pretty flower pictures on your blog. I wish you a speedy recovery!


In and among the rhodies.


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Give me one word...

May 16, 2006 08:16

My blog disappeared. That was because I made a promise that my next blog entry would actually have something interesting in it. So, here is something I find intriguing:

Today I just decided to see what people I keep in e-mail correspondance with thought of classical music. It was just to get a general consensus, although it's still extremely biased because a lot of my friends are classical musicians, especially violinists. Anyway, the question was

What is the first word that comes to mind when I say "classical music?"

The first person I got an answer from was my friend who plays clarinet and she said, "My word for classical music today seems to be JOSHUA BELL." She continued by saying, "If I blocked all of your joshua bell influences, then my word would probably be STRINGS. "Okay," I thought, "That was funny. 'Strings' is interesting, though, considering she plays clarinet." I didn't think I would be getting anymore "Joshua Bells," but boy was I wrong. I'll put the rest of the responses that I have (so far) in order:

Joshua Bell
Violin, Joshua Bell, CD
Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
Violin, orchestra, Joshua Bell
Formal, old music
Bach (>powdered wigs>Mozart>crazy laugh>Michael Jackson>THE seagull>violin>classical music>Bach) {leave it up to Linda}
Sydney Menees
Janine Jansen
Pride and Prejudice
Mozart/piano/orchestral music/flutes
Work (positively)
Mozart, violin
Joshua Bell
Violin, Yehudi Menuhin

I'll update this as more responses come along, but I find that so interesting! I'll need to have a talk with some of my friends...

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