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Sydney Menees

Random Ramblings abt. Upcoming Events

October 15, 2005 at 1:24 AM

My master class with Brian Lewis is coming up on Friday (one week from today). I have dropped all my other repertoire at the moment to practice the piece I am performing for him. This piece is the first movement of Mozart's A major concerto. I still haven't gotten to practice with the accompanist! I will practice with her this Tuesday and until then I will be practicing with Itzahk Perlman. Well, his recording anyway.

This weekend there are two things going with the Ottawa Suzuki Strings. One is we are playing at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin, KS. I probably will not be going to that seeing as I have my first varsity meet tomorrow. Don't worry though, violin is still #1 with me! Also, we are performing at a Katrina benifit thing on Sunday. I am going to that. We are performing with other Suzuki groups on all the songs except one, Trepak by Michael McLean. I positively ADORE that piece! Trepak is on our new CD, "Sunflower Sojourn," also. Maybe I'll try to post that on here later.

Our first orchestra concert of the year is coming up on Thursday. I am still second chair, which is good considering that I am the youngest in the section. Personally, I think I should be first chair, but doesn't everyone? I still love ruining the hierarchy of upperclassmen. The first chair told me that the other upperclassmen are probably "throwing darts at my picture" because I am second chair. Oh well. Yay for taking away upperclassmen's bragging rights!

Okay, this has to do with cross country. So, I always miss Thursday practices because of my violin lesson. So yesterday I was asking the coach what I should do to make up for missing practice. He asked if I would have time to practice with the team. No. He asked how long my lessons took. 45 minutes down, 45 minutes back, 45 minute lesson for me, 45 minute lesson for my brother, 30 minute lesson for my sister. I heard him say "Oh, that's terrible." Obviously NO appriciation for the arts! I always want to slap people around when they say stuff like that!

From Emily Grossman
Posted on October 15, 2005 at 8:11 AM
Maybe he just meant it was so terrible that you had to go so far away for your lesson.

I saw one of my students running home from her lesson Wednesday. Apparently, her mom drops her off a few miles from home. That seems like an efficient use of time. The girl is a fast cross country runner, too!

What type of practice are you missing? Is it a long run, a track workout, a fartlek run, or some type of threshhold run? Hills? Is it something you could duplicate on your own, perhaps during your siblings' lessons? I have a great hill outside my home and a 1.7 dirt loop around a lake. It has lots of potential, were it not for the moose and bears.

From Carley Anderson
Posted on October 15, 2005 at 2:18 PM
Ha Ha Ha! ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)..who's fault is it that you haven't practiced with an accompanist?? ;)
From Danielle Gauthier
Posted on October 15, 2005 at 3:09 PM
we don't have seniors at my school because it is so new. the closest people to senoirs are juniors.

I's actually kind of nice not to have people who force you to worship them...but only for another year. and then I'll be a junior.

anyway, our first is a sophomore (but not for long as he will have an accident...erm...i mean that he will be moving of course) so the juniors don't really care.

From Sydney Menees
Posted on October 15, 2005 at 6:52 PM
I'm missing hills, but I just realized there is an okay place to run hills near my house. It is also well-lit, so I will probably be able to run it when I get home at night. I never wound up running on Thurs. because I threw-up. Take that, coach!

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