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Apr. 16, 2005 at 6:06 PM

I've got through another "music" day today. Everything's starting afresh again and into the summer term.
I had my violin lesson today and my teacher seemed pretty impressed with what I had done over the holiday which is good.
I'm learning to play Schindler's List and my brother is my accompianment. We're trying to get it sorted for may 25th when there'll be a chamber concert. I love that piece though I often wish that I can play it like Itzhak Perlman does.
Well, anyway, I also went to string quartet today and I just got to pizz. all the way through an arrangement of Vivaldi's winter which was pretty boring. And then I sorta lost my concentration and got lost...whoops.
Anyway, I went to orchestra straight after that and we're playing handel's fireworks which is pretty hard to keep up with the orchestra. I got lost like 3 times and spent most of it just writing bar numbers in cos the stupid music didn't have any.
Then after that I had my piano lesson and I'm taking my grade 8 in July! Aghhhh...and now suddenly my teacher is pointing out lots of stuff wrong with my pieces that he didn't before...(groan :( )
and I can't do aural to save my life and he sorta said that I have to do it myself. (Another grunt :( :( ) I think I'll post something up on the board about aural tips for exam soon.

Well, overall it hasn't been a bad day today. But I better be off the computer now and do some maths homework! NICE...I'm doing about trapeziums and the area underneath a curve. NICE...I so get how to do it!

Anyway, better not waste precious time! Time=money.

Hey, it's just reminded me of something I heard in a maths conference from Simon Singh. I'll share it with you guys-it's quite witty:

hollywood=time X money



hollywood=money X money
hollywood=money squared

if money is the root of all evil

I thought it was quite clever and funny. Hope you enjoyed it too!

One-Sim :)

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Apr. 12, 2003 at 5:37 PM

Hey, this is my very first blog! Soon I'll be doing my Grade 4 violin and I'm really nervous. My intonation in scales is so rubbish! And I've started to learn vibrato and it is so hard. I'm really slow and if I go too fast I lose the movement of my frustrating! I guess playing music isn't all just relax and enjoyment I think I spend most of the time thrashing at the piano when I practise. Hmmm...I guess life is always a challenge. Ermmm... don't know what to write now...

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