October 2012

Learning from a Disability

October 7, 2012 17:24

This broken and mangled finger of mine, though a temporary disability, has taught me much in the past week (besides keeping fingers clear from garage doors!).


A few days after the accident, I got the all clear from the hand surgeon to start playing again with the admonishment to be gentle. That evening, I went to lessons and tried handling the bow for the first time.

It was odd, my splinted right finger seemed to affect what was going on in my left hand. I felt disoriented and confused. My balance off. I also realized how little I engaged my 4th finger on the bow and how necessary that little finger really was to have a balanced bow hand.

I went home and over the next few days practiced ever so slowly and deliberately. I could only practice for 15 minutes at a time before my bow hand became tired. After a few more days, I found a new balance.

Why I am I pushing myself? Well, I play in my sister's wedding in a few weeks. This afternoon I made some recordings to send to my sister so she had something to practice her processional walk with. When I previewed them, I was frankly astonished by how more clear my tone was and how it projected much more than it did before. And surprisingly, my left hand performed better as well.

There is still work to be done, but heck.... not so bad with a broken finger.

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Oh Dear, Thank Goodness

October 2, 2012 18:50

Sunday, after a very productive day of practice, I had a very unfortunate accident. I got my ring finger of my right hand squashed in my garage door. It hurt like all creation, but I managed to get it free and drove myself down to the local urgent care clinic.

The only thought going through my mind was "Thank Goodness it is my right hand". At least I can bow with a disabled fingertip...

Four stitches, a broken (not compound) finger tip and a splint later, all I'm thinking about how soon I can get back to playing. I know... take all the time I need and heal. But (there always is one), I'm playing for my sister's wedding in 4 weeks.

I go to see the hand orthopedist tomorrow morning. I promise to take his advice.

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