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Mendy Smith

Noble Foster - Episode I

July 23, 2008 at 7:22 AM

Months ago I blogged about loosing my beloved cat Hacker (the viola case-sleeping cat), and then about signing up for "Operation Noble Foster". I know very well what it is like to have to foster beloved pets while our job takes you elsewhere while they cannot follow. Well, I finally got a "hit". Yesterday I received an e-mail from a woman named Laurie needing foster care for her kitties during her basic training and "AIT" (Advanced Individual Training).

Laurie drove 3 1/2 hours from Monroe, WA tonight to my house tonight - WITH her cats (Elvis and Pricilla) for the "meet and greet" and "Hiss and Spit". She is my age and is enlisting into a medic speciality (she has previous training in this area). She seems quite nice. We spent the evening discussing cat care requirements, feeding, vet care, "child support", etc...

Tommy (my cat) ran up and hid under the bed as usual when she came over. She let her cats out of their carrier and began exploring the house while we chatted. After some time, her cats made it up to the bedroom where Tommy was hiding. We both snuck up there to see what would happen when her two cats and Tommy finally came face to face. Her cats peeked under the bed... there was a hiss, a second hiss, a rumble, one more hiss, then it was over. Tommy came downstairs half way, but was more concerned about Laurie being there than the other two cats. I think there will be no problem with an "integrated household" :)

Elvis discovered the favorite cat place - right on top of my viola case. It gave him a good view up the stairs to watch Tommy. Pricilla sat up on the landing upstairs, while she and Tommy made "eyes" at each other (no more hissing, but they kept a respectable distance between each other). Laurie's cats discovered the fascinating birds that nested on my front porch. That provided about 20 minutes of entertainment.

Then the final test - how would her cats react to music? I played a scale on the piano, and Pricilla went running for cover - terrified, skidding on the hardwood floor. Elvis, still sitting on my viola case just looked at me.

So, it is now official. Everyone passed the "hiss and spit" test, and the piano test (more afraid than a tendency to climb on it. Laurie gave her stamp of approval on the house, Tommy, and my "cat sensibilities".
I am now the proud foster mother to Elvis (the black and white cat) and Pricilla (the tabby). Laurie will be passing their care to me a day or two after I get back home from China/Interlochen. It will be an honor to care for them while Laurie begins her training. This may be extended if there is an overseas deployment.

Soon, the real fun begins... How will Elvis and Pricilla react to hours and hours of practice on the weekends and "Chamber Music Night" ? Will Elvis sleep in the viola case or "leave the building" ?

Time will only tell.

From Terez Mertes
Posted on July 23, 2008 at 12:37 PM
Awww, I love kitty stories. This is great. What a great concept, and good on you for attempting it. (And how wonderful that the cats sound like they too are agreeing to it.) Do share further adventures!
From Laurie Grayson
Posted on July 23, 2008 at 1:01 PM
Hi...its Laurie and we all are quite happy with finding Mendy..thank you... :)
From Bernadette Hawes
Posted on July 23, 2008 at 7:35 PM
I'd forgotten you had another adult cat Mendy - I'm actually quite surprised there weren't furballs flying and ears being ripped off. I had an adult female as a teenager and she would soon put ANY adult cat to flight that came within sniffing distance of our garden. She would accept only kittens. Hope it all works out OK! Good luck!
From Patricia Baser
Posted on July 24, 2008 at 1:10 AM
I just started leaving food out for some stray kittens and it seems the whole neighborhood has shown up!

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