September 2006

The Indy semifinal day 2, what a afternoon

September 8, 2006 15:39

May be I m prejudiced, may be I don´t have the appropriate words, but Simone Lamsma´s repertory in The Indy bring me a lot of memories, mostly my childhood, when I saw a violin for first time.
At 8, my father bring to my home, in a little town, in Venezuela Midwest, a lot of LP, with a weird music to me, composers like Beethoven, Haydn, Boccherini, Prokofiev etc, dad´s idea was that his children must heard this LP and possibly they were a best humans beings.
I only heard in this time pop rock, salsa and others latin songs, but classic, no way.
Some boring afternoon I picked one of this LP, the most famous, Beethoven Eroica Symphony with Von Karajan, remember that only like 3th movement scherzo, next I picked another, I saw a man with a violin, your weird name, Yehudi Menuhim, with another man, a pianist, your name Wilhem Kempf, wow what a sounds in this duo, violin and piano sonata #7 Op. 30 remember, this music in beginning scare me, was so intense but the next movement was so sublime and the next was really beautiful and interesting, this sounds engage me forever.
Due this I loved this piece, may be I owe it all than I must be in my entire live, due this Im really expect about Simone Lamsma´s recital in the Indy competition, with another piece that I heard days after Beethoven auditions, was a old fashion LP, with a enigmatic name, Josef Szigeti and another no less enigmatic, a Russian, Sergei Prokofiev.
My father say me that Prokofiev was the composer in some movies that he saw when study in Cuba, well the same duo in this LP, violin and piano, and another sonata, in this case Sonata #1 Op. 80.
This work over impressed me, I has a lot of nightmares with, but I dont know what like me, may be that weird sounds, mysterious and nasty sometimes but another ones was brilliant.
There are evident my favorites sonatas and I so grateful with Simone Lamsma that played in one recital, IMO really good, but im speechless in this moment, may be later I can express my sorrow about this, I only say thanks a lot for this great moment that bring me the most beautiful memories when I decide be a musician and violinist.

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Ilya Gringolts will play with Venezuelan Orchestra in Italy

September 7, 2006 08:29

What a big surprise and pleasure, just yesterday I called Gustavo Dudamel, Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra´s conductor and say me that my friends will play next September 13 with the appreciate member Ilya Gringolts in The Beethoven Triple Concerto in Palermo, Italy.
Gustavo say that the conductor in this concerto will be Claudio Abbado, Dudamel will conduct Simon Bolivar Orchestra a day before (September 12) .
Ilya will perform LVB triple concerto with Alexander Lonquich (pianist) and Mario Brunello (cellist) in Massimo Theater.
Due Ilya is really appreciate in this site Dudamel offers me some photos to share with all v.comers Ilya´s performance, and may be I will meet Ilya in phone call before or after this concert.
I really proud with my orchestra hits.
The best of luck to Gustavo, Ilya, and my Simon Bolivar Orchestra friends.

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Thanks, killing bees

September 6, 2006 08:04

Ok, I know, my English may was not the best or the most appropriate to write in this prestigious site, i don’t use spanglish either but I cant be out of this magic moment, when we can see in live connection the very best of young violinist talent in the entire world.
Due this I was a lot worry, work stuff denied me saw Monday and Tuesday auditions in The Indy and only can saw that in archive till 3.00 am both days, tired and with a lot of work next day.
Wednesday i was a little sad, I expect more goods performances in The Indy and Tuesday was the worst day for the young player, I just think that i can heard some Kelemen´s or Kim´s here and in this instances only exceptions, well i go to work, at least today was only 6 audition and i really hope that Rosand´s pupils plays well and come to sleep at midnight.
Well, due a killing bees (African bees) invasions in my radio studio (im journalist), I enjoy a day off and can see a great group of a young talent in a row, thanks to the killing bees I enjoy Celeste Golden Bach Sonata 3, Stephanie Jeong amazing all around performance and the very best in the entire contest and my favorite Anna Tifu.
The only famous killing bees that I know was Houston Astros Biggio, Bagwell. Bergman etc, now the Carora´s killing bees permit me heard that amazing artists.
No killing bees in Indy but there are great Killing Cees, yes, Choi, Coucheron, Cho (Jinjoo), Cho (Angelia), Cindy (Wu), Celeste, against the Big T, Anna Tifu.

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