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Is it possible to be a full time teacher and a violinist??

Published: Sep. 20, 2008 at 12:34 PM
They say that teaching can ruin your performance as a violinist.

I love teaching. From the moment my kindergarten teacher taught me how to write, I learned how to teach other people. I sometimes role play as a teacher and my stuff toys are my students. I make my own lesson plan and class record. As young as I am, I really want to teach and share what I learn.

When I grew up, I liked to perform as well. I like to sing and join some singing contests as well. Eventually, I realize, I wanted to teach more than to perform.

On my previous blog entries, I wrote there how I got to love playing the violin. I want to be an excellent violinist because I want to impart so many things to other people (especially the ones who has the passion to learn).

The thing is, I failed as a performer when I finally soak myself into teaching the kids. I always wanted to be excellent, but this time, I got frustrated. I indulged myself in creating effective lesson plans and teaching methods, but compromising my practice time.

They say, I need to choose between the two areas. But, my stand is, I can't be an effective and efficient teacher if I am not an excellent performer as well. How can I teach the kids to perform on a recital if I was not able to experience my very own Graduation Recital...

... This is another challenge for me. and I take it as it is. I know that God will deliver me to the place He wants me to be. I just know in my heart that He called me to be a violin teacher and a violinist. :D I'm so glad that I have a purpose. The sense of living is still there...

If I were not a teacher nor a violinist, I may not be as fulfilled (as a person) right now...

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