Which Performance Did NOT Happen?

April 28, 2017, 11:27 AM · A game is going around Facebook, where you name concerts you've been to, but then one is a LIE, and everyone has to guess which one.

I decided to do a variation, which was to list people I've performed with -- something that a lot of musicians can do, and quickly get a good list of 10. My goal: to make a list so strange that nearly everyone on the list seemed very unlikely. I felt I'd succeeded, when my friends guessed and guessed, and the last person they guessed was the "lie"! It was also a fun trip down memory lane. I'm posting it here, and I invite you to write your own silly list and post it in the comments (or on your FB page)!

Sitting in the violin section, I've performed with these 10 people or groups, can you guess which one is a LIE?

Joshua Bell
The Moody Blues
John Williams
The Captain and Tennille
Mstislav Rostropovich
Bob from Sesame Street
Eugene Fodor
Gretchen Carlson
Gustavo Dudamel
Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Herman Cain

guessing game

And people's guesses (I'm leaving out names:)

JB: Rostropovich!
Laurie: I was so lucky, got to play with him with the Pasadena Symphony! What was astounding to me was his sound, so recognizable, just like all the recordings. This was just about seven years before his death in 2007.

BL: Herman Cain
Laurie: You would think -- my friends from the Omaha Symphony will remember this debacle, when Herman Cain sang a bunch of Gospel tunes with us and also took the opportunity to proselytize - one violist nearly lost his job when he got into a heated argument with him after the concert!

LKB: Moody Blues??
Laurie: Ahhh, "Knights in White Satin" -- actually I was disappointed that they did not sing my favorite, "The Voice." I was very tickled to get to play with the Moody Blues when they took their symphony tour to Omaha, back in my Omaha Symphony days!

AR: Gretchen Carlson?
Laurie: "Oh Gretchen, oh Gretchen!" the guys in the orchestra liked to say, for the remainder of that summer when I was in the Disney All-American College Orchestra. Gretchen, who was also then around college-age, had just won the Miss America Pageant and did a weekend of shows with us at EPCOT. She is also a violinist, so after playing a solo, she sat in the orchestra and played with us. She played Zigeunerweisen, and yes, she was a decent violinist. I can't say I'm a big fan of Fox News, though, lol!

BP: Fodor
Laurie: Eugene Fodor was a Denverite, as was I. I played with him only once, in a benefit concerto for the Aurora Symphony in Colorado, for which he played the Beethoven Concerto. One of Fodor's best friends was a violin maker named Rick Molzer, who was also conducting the orchestra. Rick is a dear friend who always worked on my violin and sold me my first nicer violin. Fodor would bring his Stradivari violins back to Denver for Rick to work on! I saw him play a number times, though, once when I was just nine years old, and then also just a few years before he died. I'm very sad Fodor is no longer here, his playing was like nothing I've ever seen or heard. (Some had not heard that Fodor had died; this is the tribute that I wrote, following his death in 2011.)

S.S. Bob from Sesame Street
Laurie: Bob McGrath from Sesame Street was so cool, he also performed with the Disney All-America College Orchestra at EPCOT and did a big long Q and A session with us about his career in music. The nicest person ever, and it was great fun to play all those Sesame Street songs!

KB: It has to be the Captain and Tennille!
Laurie: But it isn't! They also came to sing with the Disney All-American College Orchestra in Orlando -- most astonishing to all of us was the fact that they were still married. They gave us all white captain hats and we played "Muskrat Love." Alas, Love did not Keep Them Together, they are divorced now!

LM: Then it's John Williams, by process of elimination
Laurie: He came and conducted the Pasadena Symphony, dang that "Hedwig's Theme" fiddle part is hard!

LM: Joshua ???
Laurie: How could I forget how Josh played golf with a bunch of the guys, during his week playing with us in the Omaha Symphony! We know he is a fantastic fiddler, but they said he was a rather good golfer as well...

LM: I thought you performed with Gustavo!!
Laurie: Never! I would SO love to just sit in the fiddles for anything he conducted.... My son, Brian, during his brief period as a soprano, got to sing in Mahler Symphonies 3 and 8, with the Dude conducting, and I admit to a little jealousy mixed in with being happy for him!


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