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Laurie Niles

April 15, 2004 at 5:51 AM

Well, I’m trying once again to get out of a bad relationship…with a guy named, “Grande Vanilla Latte.”

Seems that no matter how hard I try to get away, he always gets me back. Oh sure, maybe it’s a different name, “Tall Mocha,” but it’s the same guy, the same relationship.

He peps me up when I’m feeling down. He makes me feel like working, rather frenetically. He makes me so ambitious!

Then, he threatens to leave me, and I drop through the floor. I’m so depressed, I almost want to fall asleep. So I turn my attentions to his brother, “Coca Cola,” just to get through the afternoon.

But then, I’m up all night. I sleep fitfully. I won’t even acknowledge who is doing it to me, but in the back of my mind, I know it’s G.V. Latte. And all the ones just like him.

So today, I decided to throw them all off. Forget it! No more of this!

I awakened feeling a mild craving for my familiar dependency, but I didn’t give in. He called me, at first like a polite request, through the morning. My eyes watered. I slowed down. But I didn’t give in. By the afternoon, he was getting insistent, “Are you meeting me at Starbuck’s or WHAT?” he rudely demanded. But I continued to say, “No!”

He kept pleading with me; it was pathetic! His persistence gave me a pounding headache that lasted through the entire evening. But I lived through it.

Will I continue to ignore this guy tomorrow? Well, they say it gets easier. What’s important is I made the break; he’ll lose his hold on me. Sure, I’ll miss him every time it’s cold and rainy out.

But I’ll probably be too sleepy to do anything about it.

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