January 2008

How to Cheat at Blogging

January 3, 2008 21:19

So....yeah. I haven't blogged in a while. My "adventures" as concertmaster (concertmistress, whatever!), the Three Glorious Days of the Takács Quartet's residency at Oberlin, several blizzards, final exams and Christmas vacation have all passed by un-blogged and un-examined. But as Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth blogging....wait, that makes a paradox. That and I've just been too bloody tired to write with any of my usual sparkling wit and style, so as a result my blog has been empty for quite a while.

And yet still I continue my lack of output! Here, rather than an ode to Károly Schranz, a nature special on the life cycle of the common Nocturnal Oberliner, or a deliriously partisan celebration of Barack Obama's victory in Iowa a few hours ago, is a transcript of a marvelously weird conversation that took place in the dining hall some time last month.


Allie: (reading from popular music textbook): This is fascinating. Hey, did you guys know that Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders is from my hometown?
Jesse, Joe, Mara: ....................
Allie: Never mind.
Jesse: Yeah, that's not really my forte.
Allie: Oh, come on, surely you guys know something about this. It's classic stuff. Here, I'll quiz you.... What was the name of the new-wave punk group who produced the hit songs "Roxanne" and "Message in a Bottle?"
Joe: um, Marilyn Manson and the Heartbreakers.
Allie: No.
Joe: The Beatles.
Allie: No. Ok, try this one: Who was the foremost androgynous glam character of the 1980s, with his hit, "Ground Control to Major Tom"?
Joe: Herbert von Karajan.
Allie: ..........wow. Let's try something else. Define a rock "supergroup."
Joe: Um, well it's a band that has magical powers.
Allie: Oh my gosh, no. You're horrible at this. Name a song by Neil Young.
Joe: Arabesque for Solo Violin! ........oh, no, that's Jeff Young.
Allie: (sigh) Right.
(Joe glances at book, begins humming)
Jesse: ...Joe... are you headbanging to "La Bamba"?
Joe: Yes. Hey, didn't the Beatles do "Y.M.C.A."?
Allie: No, that was the Village People. Ok, you better know this. Who is the best-selling pop star of all time?
Joe: umm... the Beatles.
Allie: No.
Joe: Alice Cooper!
Allie: No.
Joe: Fergie! John Corigliano! Mahler!
Allie: NO. Michael Jackson. But nice try.
Joe: (looking at a picture in the book) *gasp* Who’s that? They look like terrorists.
Allie: That’s the BeeGees.
-- ten minutes later --
Joe: Is Mr. Fulkerson in the book?
Allie: .....um...well... he's not a rock-n-roll legend, per se...
Jesse: I respectfully disagree.


And that's all. More creativity later.

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