May 2012

re: SHAR's shipping

May 23, 2012 10:46

Couldn't comment on Julianne's entry but thought I'd mention fwiw that I have used their $20 free shipping offer a couple times and had no issues. Sorry for your bad experience :( but I would guess and hope it's an isolated case. I've always been impressed with their shipping and service and my recent orders only confirmed that.

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Just a little mixed up

May 10, 2012 18:48

Does this ever happen to you?

Me to student: Ok, let's go straight to repertoire today. Show me how far you got on XYZ concerto.
Student, looking at me like I'm crazy: ????....
Me: We didn't start XYZ concerto? Seriously? Let me look at your book...ohhh...that must have been [monday student] who just finished the piece you're still working on...

Or the flipside:
Me: I've been thinking about what piece to do next for you, and I'd like to start this minuet.
Student, with knowing grin on her face: Um, Mrs. L., we already did that one...
Me, thinking back: -oh, we did...back in january (bummer, that was going to be a perfect fit, now what am I going to give you next...)

Or my favorite:
Me: Ok, so good start on your shifting. It's a little stiff though-remember last week how we talked about your thumb?
Student new to shifting: ummm...not really...
Me: Really? I know we talked about this. See, it's even written in your book!
Student: I think that's from when my older sister did this page...

Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to! I hear these stories of legendary teachers who have all their students' pieces memorized and always remember exactly what they worked on three years ago, let alone had trouble with last week! Yet invariably I have a couple students around the same level, and get them mixed up, or can't remember which of three similar-level pieces we decided to do next, or just have a braindead moment and can't remember what in the world we are supposed to be working on!! My students know that they'd better bring their practice notebooks every week because that's how Mrs. L. keeps her brain organized!

Usually it results in a bit of humor...occasionally a bit of wasted time or a lesson going an illogical direction for a few moments. Sometimes I get a little frustrated-a really good teacher would never get students mixed up, right? Or... maybe it happens to the best of us, and just a little more often to me with my spontaneous, nonlinear brain. And as long as we can laugh and move on, and sometimes it results in good ideas...and as long as i know who just got a new puppy, and who has exams next week, and who is going to get really excited about the new duet book i just got in...

...maybe the world will go on, even if once in a while I get a little mixed up.

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