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August 26, 2014 16:10

In my village some people took the initiative to make artistic graffiti of some composers because some streets had the name of these composers like Bachstreet, Beethovenstreet, Chopinstreet, Mozartstreet. Nobody spoils the drawings who last here for 1 year. This is the result of this tunnel, named after our king (here still prince)Willem Alexander.

Here an example of "normal" Graffiti:

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My correspondence with Naxos about recording pupil concertos, and statistics supporting why they should

August 9, 2014 03:48

I wrote an email to Naxos because a lot of pupil concertos have never been recorded, and I received a reaction of Naxos-founder Klaus Heymann First, on his wikipage are three quotes:

1. "Over the years, Heymann led the label to not only record the standard classical repertoire, but also to focus on works that were not often recorded, or not at all. The company is "still filling gaps in the repertoire.""

2. "He sees the future of the classical music market as a mix of CDs, downloads and streaming: 'Whether physical product will be a half of today or a third of today, nobody knows. There will also be downloads, and all kinds of subscription things. Our streaming classical-music library right now is by far the most successful in our field, and the most profitable for us and for the labels. But there may be others that mix paid and unpaid [streaming].'"

3. "Heymann's strategy is to be 'the last man standing in terms of distributing classical music in physical form.'" (Perhaps an idea for an interview for Laurie after last Weekend vote about buying classical cd's)

Here his short reaction on my long e-mail here below:

" principle, this is a good idea and we will see how to realise it,
Best regards,
Klaus Heymann"

I made a thinking mistake, because when you type "Rieding" in Youtube you easily find my movies, but when you type "Beethoven violin concerto" you find one movement of it on page 3 after 30 or 40 other movies of the (often complete) violin concerto of Beethoven.

Here is my original e-mail, from me to Naxos. It has some statistics from my Youtube channel, as well.

Hello Naxos,

It is difficult to write a short email if you want to give a lot of background information after some research, but I discovered that a lot of student violin concertos have never been recorded. I talked about it with my violinteacher and she admitted that it would be good for her children violinpupils when she could say: listen to that student concerto, and then you know how to play it.

The easiest is to make CDs with violin and piano because a lot of pupils play these concertos with their violin teacher or with one of their parents at home. Sometimes they play one movement with orchestra while other pupils play the other scores and some parents viola and cello. For violinpupils it is the perfect birthday- and Christmas gift.

The recordings, which are on the market, I have put down under this email and also the violin concertos my violin teacher often use, who are (or are not) part of the list of the Easy Concerto’s and Concertino’s, scanned also down under this email.

I have a Youtube channel with a lot of violin concertos (and pieces for violin + piano) with --
1) Rarities (sells not very good I think) ==
2) the iron repertoire (Mendelssohn, Tsajkovsky, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart etc.)
3) study violin concerto’s.

You should think iron repertoire would be popular, but a movement Mendelssohn and Tsajkovsky, you only can find at 29 and 30. One rarity is the 3th Paganini part of a movement , but the student violin concertos are the most popular, although a lot are not available on regular cd’s and you can not download them from I-tunes or Emusic. It is funny to see that too-often-played and too-often-recorded iron violin concertos are not popular on my channel. 29) Mendelssohn in e is 183 times relaesed on a cd
The violin concerto of Beethoven is 212 times recorded in the Dutch Music Library but a movement is on my YT-channel the 160th most popular video!
So, I have a request for a box or a series CDs with student/children violin concertos of Naxos to be made in the future and I think it will sell well.
Oh yes, also, the 6th and 10th violin concerto of Charles Auguste de Beriot is still never recorded.

Best regards Bram

Here are some statistics from my Youtube channel' s views last month:

Video, Views, Approximate number of minutes viewed, Average display time, percentage rank)

1) Rieding, Oskar violin concerto op.35 in B minor for violin + piano
11.572 (4,8%)48.502 (4,9%) 4:11

2) Bach, J.S. violin concerto in A minor BWV 1041
7.326 (3,0%) 37.279 (3,7%) 5:05

3) Saint-Saëns, Camille Intro + Rondo Cap. op. 28 violin & orchestra
6.841 (2,8%) 31.878 (3,2%) 4:39

4) Rieding, Oskar Concertino op.21 in A minor in Hungarian style
5.509 (2,3%) 20.896 (2,1%) 3:47

5) Bach, J.S. violin concerto in E major BWV 1042
5.473 (2,3%) 29.115 (2,9%) 5:19

6) Rieding, Oskar violin concerto op.34 in G majeur
4.487 (1,9%) 14.833 (1,5%) 3:18

7) Küchler, Ferdinand opus 11 for violin + piano
4.391 (1,8%) 20.119 (2,0%) 4:34

8) Wieniawski, Henryk op.18 for 2 violins part 1,2,3,4
4.112 (1,7%) 20.319 (2,0%) 4:56

9) Beriot, Charles A. de mvt1+2 9th violin concerto
3.966 (1,6%) 18.827 (1,9%) 4:44

10) Rieding, Oskar violin concerto op.35 for violin + orchestra
3.572 (1,5%) 13.914 (1,4%) 3:53

11) Küchler, Ferdinand opus 15 in D major violin Vivaldi style
3.439 (1,4%) 7.978 (0,8%) 2:19

12) Kreisler, Fritz Prelude and allegro " style of Pugnani" violin+ piano
3.398 (1,4%) 12.578 (1,3%) 3:42

13) Millies, Hans M. Concertino in Mozart style for violin + piano
3.352 (1,4%) 18.699 (1,9%) 5:34

14) Rieding, Oskar Concertino op. 24 for violin + piano
3.304 (1,4%) 14.118 (1,4%) 4:16

15) Rieding, Oskar Concertino op. 36 for violin + piano
3.182 (1,3%) 11.505 (1,2%) 3:36

16) Sarasate, Pablo de Spanish Dances op.22 no.1 Romanza Andaluza
3.078 (1,3%) 9.156 (0,9%) 2:58

17) Accolay, Jean Baptiste violin concerto 1 for violin + piano
3.052 (1,3%) 12.973 (1,3%) 4:15

18) Beriot, Charles Auguste de Scene de Ballet op.100 violin+orchestra
2.989 (1,2%)14.645 (1,5%) 4:53

19) Wieniawski, Henryk 8 Etudes Caprices op.10 5,6,7,8
2.974 (1,2%) 10.397 (1,0%) 3:29

20) Seitz, Friedrich Pupil's violin concerto No.1 op13. for violin + piano
2.828 (1,2%) 9.596 (1,0%) 3:23

21) Perlman, George Israeli Concertino for violin + piano
2.636 (1,1%) 13.049 (1,3%) 4:57

22) Haydn, Joseph 4th violin concerto in G-dur
2.587 (1,1%) 14.561 (1,5%) 5:37

23) Paganini, Niccolo 3th violinc. mvt3 (end) Polacca. Andantino vivace
2.582 (1,1%)14.177 (1,4%) 5:29

24) Seitz, Friedrich violin concerto opus 22 for violin + piano
2.510 (1,0%) 9.710 (1,0%) 3:52

25) Mollenhauer, Edward Infant (+the Boy) Paganini Fant. for violin+piano
2.434 (1,0%)8.319 (0,8%) 3:25

26) Rieding, Oskar Concertino op. 25 for violin + piano
2.394 (1,0%) 9.839 (1,0%) 4:06

27) Küchler, Ferdinand opus 15 for violin + orchestra
2.385 (1,0%) 7.328 (0,7%) 3:04

28) Lalo, Edouard Symphonie Espagnole mvt1
2.361 (1,0%) 10.765 (1,1%) 4:33

29) Mendelssohn, Felix violin concerto in e mvt1
2.324 (1,0%) 9.597 (1,0%) 4:07

30) Tchaikovsky, P.I. mvt1 (begin) violin concerto
2.131 (0,9%) 8.777 (0,9%) 4:07

31) Accolay, Jean Baptiste violin concerto 1 for vioin + orchestra
2.104 (0,9%) 9.218 (0,9%) 4:22

32) Seitz, Friedrich violin concerto opus 15 for violin + piano
2.094 (0,9%) 8.355 (0,8%) 3:59

149) Beethoven, L. van Romance no.2 in F Opus 50
284 (0,1%) 1.001 (0,1%) 3:31

160) Beethoven, L. van mvt1 part1 violin concerto
261 (0,1%) 1.047 (0,1%) 4:00

Here all Easy Concerto’s and Concertino’s (scan see down under this email)
The Study violin concerto’s which have not been recorded (not on the cd’s here below) I mark with ##.
##Beer, L.J. Concertino Op.47, Op.81
##Coerne, L.A. Concertino Op.63
##Drdla, Frz. Concertino Op 225
##Essek, Paul Concertino op.4
##Küchler, F Op.11, Op.12, Op.15
##Millies, H Concertino in Mozart style, Concerto in Haydn style
##Mokry, J Concertino
##Portnoff, L Op 13, Op 14
Rieding, Oskar ##Op7, Op.21 Hongarian style, ##Op.24, Op,25, Op.34, Op.35, ##Op.36
##Sitt, Hans Op.70

My violin teacher gave an addition for other study concerto’s :
##Huber, Adolf Op.6 and
##Mollenhuaer The Boy Paganini Fantasia ( + The Infant Paganini Fantasia)
Her pupils must often play : ##Coerne op.63, Seitz op.13, ##Millies the concerto’s in Mozart- and Haydn-style, ##Küchler op.11 + op.15, ##Portnoff Op.13 + Op.14 and Rieding op.21,35,##36 .

Other study concerto’s , I know, are:
##JARDANYI, Pal (1920-1966) Concertino and
Grazyna Bacewicz Concertino for violin and orchestra.
Accolay, Jean-Baptiste Concerto no1 and ##no.2
George Perlman Israeli concertino for violin and piano
George Perlman Indian concertino for violin and piano
George Perlman Concertino for violin and piano

Here the study concerto’s which are available in the Dutch Music Library :
Violin Concerto's for children vol.1

1 Oskar Rieding violin concerto op.35 in b kl.t. (Arr.)
2 Oskar Rieding violin concerto op.34 in G gr.t. (Arr.)
3 Antonio Vivaldi violin concerto RV.188, op.7, nr.2 in C gr.t. (Arr.)
4 Friedrich Seitz Schüler-Konzert nr.2, op.13 (Arr.)
5 Oskar Rieding Violin-Concertino op.21 in a kl.t., "In Hungarian style" (Arr.)
6 Oskar Rieding Concertino op.25 in D gr.t. (Arr.)
7 Grazyna Bacewicz Concertino in G gr.t. (Arr.)

Violin Concerto's for children vol.2

1 Antonio Vivaldi violin concerto RV.310, op.3, nr.3 in G gr.t. (Arr.)
2 Charles Auguste de Bériot violin concerto nr.9, op.104 in a kl.t. (Arr.)
3 Giovanni Battista Viotti violin concerto nr.22, G.97 in a kl.t. ; Sel. (Arr.)

Itzhak Perlman (violin) with orchestra

1 Oskar Rieding Concerto for violin and orchestra, op.35 in b kl.t. (Arr.)
2 Friedrich Seitz Schüler-Konzert nr.2, op.13
3 Jean-Baptiste Accolay Concerto for violin and orchestra nr.1 in a kl.t.
4 Charles Auguste de Bériot Scène de ballet, op.100
5 Giovanni Battista Viotti Concerto for violin and orchestra nr.22, G.97 in a kl.t.

Lawrence Golan (violin) + Martin Perry (piano)

With the 3 well known study concerto’s of George Perlman (composer) :
1 George Perlman Israeli concertino for violin and piano
2 George Perlman Indian concertino for violin and piano
3 George Perlman Concertino for violin and piano

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3 rare violin concerto's last half year: Schumann, Britten + Barber

August 2, 2014 03:58

I played last half year 3 rare violin concerto's in amateurorchestra's. Schumann and Barber for the 1st time Barber for the 2nd in my life. I earlier wrote about that Barber violin concerto
I got the chance to play with my old student orchestra after 20 years Britten as 2nd violin and with an orchestra in the neighborhood as 1st violin Schumann. The Schumann-soloist is AnneBeth Webb, who is 2nd violinist in the
ConcertGebouw Orchestra, the best orchestra in the Netherlands and quite well known after their worldtour because they exist 125 year (I heard them in Paris when I was there with my brother). After the choffeebreak she played as 2nd violin our symphonie of Mozart. I said to her as a joke: This was
your chance to play 1st violin (of course not much honour in a very average amateurorchestra). I thought she must laugh about my joke, but serious she said: "I don't need to play the 1st violin." But her attitude is great, because solists often leave after the coffeebreak or seldom take time to listen to the symphony. She likes the atmosphere with amateurs a lot and therefore played the symphony and amateurs give her the chance to play violin concerto's. Schumann she had studied with her teacher Kantorow. This was the 3th time she played solo with this orchestra.
Here a version of Zimmerman and Janine Jansen is an advocate of the violin concerto of Britten, which has become iron repertoire because you can choose it for the final in the Hannover violin competition

Now I see that finalists also can play Schumann in the final of
the Joseph Joachim Competition in Hannover
and NOT the 1st 2nd or 3th violin concerto of Joseph Joachim that must be obligatory. I have played all obligatory violin concerto's except Shos op 77 in amateurorchestra's
Bartók (Sz 112)
Beethoven (op. 61)
Brahms (op. 77)
Britten (op. 15)
Bruch (op. 26)
Dvorák (op. 53)
Lalo (op. 21)
Mendelssohn (op. 64)
Prokofiev (op. 19)
Prokofiev (op. 63)
Shostakovich (op. 77)
Schumann (1853)
Sibelius (op. 47)
Stravinsky (1931)
Tchaikovsky (op. 35)

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