January 2013

Mozart 2nd vc with youth competition winner Lisette Carlebur (16)

January 25, 2013 10:36

Earlier I had played the 3th,4th and 5th violin concerto of Mozart. 130 km from my home an amateurorchestra played the 2nd violin concerto of Mozart. I could join as 2nd violinist and hereunder fragments of the concert on 1 april 2012. Recently I discovered that the soloist Lisette Carlebur (16) had won a youth competition. Here the final with the 1th Schumann sonata:

Here fragments of her 2nd Mozart violin concerto from 3.18 minutes:

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3 months frozen left shoulder

January 22, 2013 08:08

Like Vengerov I also have had shoulderinjuries, 2 times a frozen shoulder. In 2008 my right shoulder. I skated on artificial ice with a icehockey shoulderprotector. I fell and thought : everything is ok, because I have enough protection. 2 weeks later I skated 200km on nature ice with a little pain in that shoulder in 10 ½ hours, but a month later I hardly could move that shoulder. A lot of pain, but I adapted my shoulderrest, so my violin was in a more vertical position so I could reach easier the Ging, because I hardly could lift my right arm. In the beginning I only could bow with my right pulse and moving my left arm with violin to the right and the left. Full recovery took a year. I decided never to skate on artificial ice in my life any more. But last januari 2012 there was nature ice so I had to skate. But suddenly I fell on my left arm. I had pulseprotectors, a downhillsuit with elbow- and shoulderprotection and my icehocheyshoulderprotection, so I thought this time I was even better protected, but still had the feeling that my left shoulder was not 100%. But playing in orchestra’s and having lessons was no problem. In the summer I visit my physiotherapist and he said that I needed perhaps 8 treatments to get the shoulder 100%. During that time I used my shoulders a lot as postman and with some amateurorchestra’s which started in september. My shoulder deteriorated and at that time I had 20 physiotreatments. During violin playing I got pain, so I played often half rehearsals. During a 2nd violin group rehaersal for the Sacre of Stravinsky I played the whole evening while my left elbow rested on a table in a classroom to dimish the pain. That was too much for my shoulder. The next day it was frozen and very painfull and I had to cancel the Sacre which I will perhaps never play again in my life. But now the recovery is much faster. The exorotation is now 74 degrees and must be 90 for a healthy shoulder. I could play 30 and 40 minutes, but had problems to get my left elbow good under the violin. Last week I could play a whole reheral of an orchestra without pain.

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Johan S. Svendsen (1840-1911) + Hakon Børresen (1876-1954) vc's

January 15, 2013 16:10

Johan Severin Svendsen (1840-1911) is more well known of his more often played Romance for violin + orchestra op.26 (1881), but he also wrote a violin concerto in 1869
Violin concerto opus 6 in A major
Movement 1 : Allegro moderato ben risoluto
Movement 2 : Andante
Movement 3 : Finale, allegro giusto
Less well known is Hakon Børresen (1876-1954) who wrote a violin concerto in G major opus 11 in 1904
Movement 1 : Introduction. Allegro moderato
Movement 2 : Adagio
Movement 3 : Allegro

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August Enna (1859-1939) vc + Gustav Carl Helsted (1837-1924) vc2

January 8, 2013 10:37

2 violin concerto's of 2 unknown Danish composers.
August Enna (1859-1939), Denmark
Violin concerto in D major (1897)
Movement 1 : Allegro moderato
Movement 2 : Andante
Movement 3 : Allegro Scherzo
Gustav Carl Helsted (1837-1924), lived in Denmark
Violin concerto no.2 opus 27 (1909)
Movement 1 : Allegro con fuoco
Movement 2 : Andante con moto
Movement 3 : Allegro molto vivace

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Franz Schubert Rondo,Polonaise,Concertpiece for violin + orchestra

January 4, 2013 11:22

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) did not write a violin concerto, but he compensate that with 3 pieces for violin + orchestra:
SCHUBERT, Franz Konzertstück / Concertpiece in D D.345 for violin + orchestra
SCHUBERT, Franz Rondo in A D.438 for violin + orchestra
SCHUBERT, Franz Polonaise in B flat D.580 for violin + orchestra

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