July 2012

Berwald vc, Stenhammer 2 Romances

July 30, 2012 07:37

2 Swedish composers. Berwald wrote a violin concerto and Stenhamer 2 Romances for violin + orchestra like Beethoven.
Berwald violin concerto:

Stenhammer 2 Romances:

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Wieniawski op.6 Souvenir de Moskou, op.20 Fantaisie Brillante, op.15

July 23, 2012 11:48

I have made a Wienawski-playlist with 17 movies of this important violin composer on my YT-channel after the last 3 pieces of Wieniawski I recently uploaded.
Wieniawski Opus 15 Variations sur un thème original in a op. 15 for violin+ piano I have heard several times in the semi's in Elisabeth violincompetition:

Wieniawski Opus 20 Fantaisie Brillante for violin+ orchestra

Wieniawski Opus 6 Souvenir de Moskou for violin+ piano (GaHyun Cho played this piece in the semi's of the Elisabeth competition 2012 Brussel)

Archive link

Ysaÿe, Eugène Sonate 5 op.27 mvt2 Danse Rustique 2 tries

July 20, 2012 07:36

Since januari I have every week violin lessons. I am now working on heavy pieces for amateurs, like Ysaye sonate 5 and Paganini caprice 5. Now I dare (I have nothing to loose)to put Danse Rustique on Youtube. It was very difficult to get the doublestops specially in the 3th position being not too false. The Scale system of Carl Flesch was usefull to get quarts, sexts, octaves better for intonation (see below). In the beginning it was a lot of working to find the notes or getting the right fingers in the right position. 3 weeks ago I could play it with ? in 60 counts every minute on my metronome, while I must play it in 144 counts. After a week I could play it in steps till 120 counts and than 144. I even play it in 160 counts for the reflexes, so it seems easier when you play it in 144 counts. But here it is I think slower. Who has advises for improvements? Here under some interpretations of professionals. Kavakos is the fastest.
My 2 tries:

Here the version of Hilary Hahn:

Here the version of Leonidas Kavakos

Here the version of Tai Murray after 3.54 minutes

My score of Danse Rustique:

Difficult etude for the intonation from my violin teacher:

Carl Flesch scale system with quarts (6):



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GLAZUNOV, Alexander (1865-1936) Meditation op.32 for violin + orchestra

July 16, 2012 07:10

In the semi-final of the Elisabeth competition 2012 in Brussel, Belgium, Richard Lin played an unknown and short piece of Glazunov with piano, Meditation op.32.
Here a version of the score for violin + orchestra:
Meditation op.32 for violin + orchestra

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Adelaide vc by Casadesus in Mozart style

July 2, 2012 15:53

In court Marius Casadesus (1892-1981) admitted that he had written
the ""Mozart""violin concerto Adelaide. Could you hear the differende between a real Mozart violin concerto and this false one?

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