May 2012

Mozart (?) 7th violin concerto

May 30, 2012 13:38

Mozart wrote 5 official violin concerto's but also a 6th and 7th and Adelaide violin concerto. Here the 7th. This composition is possibly not by Mozart, but nevertheless fine music, here played by David Oistrach. Information from imslp

Dated supposedly on (lost) autograph Jul 16, 1777 in Salzburg; possibly sketched out by Mozart and finished by Sauzay or Baillot; perhaps played in Salzburg on Jul 26, 1777, however authenticity doubtful. Bär (MISM 1963) believed written for FX Kolb in Salzburg in 1777; Mahling (MJB 1978) states possibly it is a draft by Mozart, or considered it could be a copy by Mozart of another master's concerto. NMA (1980) placed it in Works of Doubtful Authenticity; Levin (Who Wrote Mozart 4-Wind Concertante? 1989) gives nod toward authenticity by stating Baillot copy lists instruments in exact order used by Mozart, and with Hn solmisation same as other Mozart Concerti f/Vn

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Paganini cadenza + results QE competition

May 27, 2012 05:13

The competition has ended, but the most remarkable moment after the recital of Stefan Terara in the semi's was the Paganini candenza of the 2th price winner:

Here the results:
Andrey Baranov has won the 2012 violin competition. He receives a prize of 25.000 eur and the ‘Huggins’ Stradivarius (1708), on loan for a period of three years by the Nippon Music Foundation. Tatsuki Narita is second laureate, Hyun Su Shin is third laureate. Fourth laureate is Esther Yoo, fifth laureate Yu-Chien Tseng, who has also won both prizes of the public, and sixth laureate Artiom Shishkov. An overview of the prizes is presented in the violin 2012 menu.
The six unranked laureates, in alphabetical order : Ermir Abeshi, Marc Bouchkov, Nikki Chooi, Dami Kim, Josef Spacek and Nancy Zhou.

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Program for Queen Elisabeth Competition final + Stefan Terara

May 19, 2012 04:27

You cannot find it on the website, but here the program of the final for the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Belgium:


Monday May 21, 2012:
Josef Spacek: Sibelius + sonata Prokofiev1
Ermir Abeshi: Tsjaikovsky + sonata Prokofiev2

Tuesday May 22, 2012:
SHIN Hyun: Su Sibelius son. Brahms3
NARITA Tatsuki: Paganini1 + sonata Brahms nr.?

Wednesday May 23, 2012:
Marc Bouchkov: Sibelius son.7 Beethoven
Nikki Chooi: Tsjaikovsky + sonata Ravel

Thursday May 24, 2012:
Andrey Baranov: Shos1 + sonata Prokofiev
Kim Dami: Paganini1 + sonata2 Bartok

Friday May 25, 2012:
Artiom Shishkov: Tsjaikovsky + sonata Brahms 3
Nancy Zhou: Sibelius + sonata Prokofiev1

Saturday May 26, 2012:
Esther Yoo: Beethoven sonata Handelssohn
Tseng Yu-Chien: Brahms sonata Ravel

Find audio and video archives here.

I have been 3 times to the 1st round to hear the Paganini Caprices + the 1st movement of the violin concerto of Schumann, 3 times to the semi's and will go 1 time to the final. The violin concerto was free to choose, but the only rarity I found in the Competitionbook was the violin concerto of Walton, but that person did not play in the final. 2 times the 1st Paganini (why not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th? of Paganini), but too much safe choices, so the final will be less interesting than the semi's, where specially Stefan Terara had the best program, with a rare piece of Paganini and a solopiece of Bartok. But he is not in the final because his Mozart was not perfect enough in this field of extreme good players.
Recital Stefan Terara
Béla Bartók : Tempo di ciaccona (Sonata for solo violin in G minor op. 115 Sz. 117)
Victor Kissine : Caprice
Eugène Ysaÿe : Sonata in D minor op. 27/3 Ballade
Massimo Lauricella : Kairòs for solo violin
Nicolò Paganini : Introduction and variations on "Nel cor più non mi sento" from Paisiello's "La molinara"

Also this violinist plays a "rarity", Nigun of Bloch:

A lot candidates were sniffing and breathing loud (you even hear that on cd's although you did not need much air to play violin compared to rowing of cycle racing) and make faces and grimaces and also make a lot of moves with the violin (dancing with the violin) during playing instead of holding the violin in 1 position on the shoulder with a fixed hull and standing on 2 fixed feet. Also 1 girl stamps hard several times with her right foot in the semi's and she is also in the final,

Nancy Zhou recital semi's

There were a lot of broken bowhairs during the powerplaying and Maria Milstein hit her bridge hard after 8.22 minutes during her recital with the lower part of her bow .
First I thought her eing was broken, but she could play on with a bridge which was not on the same place.

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