June 2010

Weber, Carl Maria von (1786-1826) Concertpiece op.79 in F minor for piano+orchestra

June 29, 2010 06:16

Carl Maria von Weber, (1786-1826)  wrote a Concertpiece op.79 in F minor for piano + orchestra. Here the piano/piano-extract of the score. The first movie has something Beethoven Sonate dramatic-like. It does something with me, so a reason to show the piece with the score. In the 2th movie it has been proven that not only violins are virtuoso:



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Pupil violin concerto of Jean Baptiste Accolay + vuvuzela concerto

June 25, 2010 15:03

Here  another pupil violin concerto of Jean Baptiste Accolay (1845-1910)
Violin concerto in A minor. My most polulair Youtube movies are 3 pupil concerto's of Rieding, than followed by a part of Paganini's 4th violin concerto. They all have an averege of 50 views a day, because a lot of people plays them.


Here the score of the Vuvuzela concerto:

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Paganini, Nicolo 3th mvt 2th vc Edisonklassiek 2010 Publieksprijs Rudolf Koelman

June 21, 2010 10:21

Rudolf Koelman http://www.koelman.ch/ , violinist.com member http://www.violinist.com/directory/bio.cfm?member=Koelman and Heifetz pupil had won the public price in the Netherlands for his  cd of the 1th + 2th violin concerto of Nicolo Paganini. I helped him, because I got 8 people from an amateurorchestra who vote on his cd, so now I hope this Heifetz pupil will come again to Holland to play a Paganini violin concerto with this amateurorchestra. Rudolf Koleman stays ahead in the public price for Janine Jansen who was nominated for her Beethoven/Britten cd. But of course she also won a Edison because she sells better.

Here Rudolf plays the 3th movement of the 2th violin concerto "La Campanella" of Nicolo Paganini in het Kurhaus in The Hague:

cd: Challange classics CC72343
1 & 2 violin concerto Paganini life
The Netherlands Symphony orchestre http://www.orkestvanhetoosten.nl/nl/

Here the cd version of the same 3th movement 2th Paganini vc:


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Dirk Brossé violin concerto Sophia

June 17, 2010 16:09

I had the cd of the Belgian composer Dirk Brossé who had written the violin concerto Sophia for the Dutch violinist Liza Ferschtman. Sophia is a child-hospital in Rotterdam and the story goes about a young girl who gets blood-cancer, a bit tragic just like the Berg violin concerto, but this violin concerto is perhaps better without the Bachstealing part. Yesterday I was lucky to hear this rare piece life of a student orchestra and a national competition winner Rosanne Philippens. Someone has made a movie of it which you also see here below. It begins calm, but after 4.50 minutes in the first part you hear sirenes in the trompets and in the movie red blood cells. Only 4 of the 7 parts are played of the whole violin concerto. My movies are quite dark and the soloist is hard to see, because the light was bad to see the movie in the background.

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