May 2010

Dutchman Hannes Minnaar 3th in pianofinal Elisabethcompetition Brussel

May 30, 2010 15:39

The Dutch pianist Hannes Minnaar (with whom I played 2th pianoconcerto of Shostakovitsch) has won the 3th prize of the Elisabeth competition. Here a piece Ravel of the semi's (3 times I could not keep it dry) and final Beethoven (also this movement moves me) I saw both life:

Hannes also play violin:

OK joke:

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Dutchman Hannes Minnaar in pianofinal Elisabethcompetition Brussel

May 22, 2010 15:55

From monday 24 may till 29 may the final for piano is held in Brussel. I was on both semi's of the Dutch pianist Hannes Minnaar. Last year I played with him with an amateurorchestra  the 2th piano concerto of Shostakovits. I also saw his conservatory exam (10) with Miriors of Ravel.On Youtube here an old version of Richter:

Here you can see the final on internet and here you can see back on video on demand for example Hannes Minnaar if you fill in his name on candidates and go to 12 may the second half of his performance for Ravel. I could congratulate him at 1.30 and layed in my bed at 3.45, but the next day all finalconcerts seem sold out. That is a pity. So I cannot see him in the final. Last year I could get cards for the monday and tuesday of the violinfinal after the semi's. 2 girls in the final and 7 Asians. Hannes Minnaar is the 4th person from the Netherlands in the final after violinists Theo Olof (4th)+ Kees Kooper (12th) in 1951 and pianist Rian de Waal (7th) in 1983. So it feels like the Netherlands in the EK- or WKfinal with soccer, a rarity.


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The media exposure of Janine Jansen

May 20, 2010 03:35

Some people manage to focus attention on themself. Apart of being a great violinist Janine Jansen manage to be in every tv-show in the Netherlands. Perhaps her colleague André Rieu is more popular. Here with Roger Moore on tv (will she be the next Bond-girl?)





Now you see her on a tankstation with her latest cd between all pop-artists and classical singer Cecilia Bartoli. You can get those cd's by buying petrol.

She made a glossy with an interview with Sting (of the Police):

And than suddenly you see her again in a busstation to promote the tourist information. Oh no not again  Perhaps some people will become Janine Jansen-tired but her aim is to promote classical music for an as broad as possible public. She has I think a lot of succes in that. Her activities and manifestations are not only in concerthalls. Some people will think: Oh, is there only 1 violinist in the Netherlands (except 3/4-bar violinist André Rieu) who focus all attention on her. Who will push this violinqueen from the throne?  What will be her next publicity-step? Playing together with André Rieu in his castle in a soccerstation?


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2 violins in my band life at a school during a poet-evening

May 13, 2010 10:11

I played with my band (bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, 4 singers, keyboard, 2 violins) in a school during a poet-evening.

After 3.44 minutes you can see me  here above with another violinist in close-up, after 5.55 minutes the violinintro for the reggae-song begins.

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Don't talk/play when the conductor is talking

May 7, 2010 15:58

Don't talk/play when the conductor is talking. It could harm your violin+ bow:

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