February 2010

Poulenc Sonate for violin+ piano

February 25, 2010 04:34

Francis Poulenc(1899-1963) wrote his Sonate for violin + piano in 1942-1943:

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Glazunov vc

February 22, 2010 13:07

Here the violin concerto of Alexandr Glaznov with the score. I played it 2 times with an amateurorchestra and a  solist:

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35 Violin concerto’s I played till now

February 19, 2010 03:47

The 35 violin concerto’s (or pieces for violin+ orchestra) I played till now (sometimes more than once) as 2th or sometimes 1th violin in amateurorchestra’s, nearly always in the Netherlands, are:

BARBER (soloist: Jurjen Soeting, orchestra: Capita Selecta, Bath/Bruton, UK + Utrecht, the Netherlands 2006)
BARTOK 1th (the whole violin concerto on a rehearsal, soloist Laura Veeze 2009)
BARTOK 2th (2x, soloist: Joris van Rijn, Bellitoni The Hague 2001; soloist: Christian Lascae 2006, orchestra: Bellitoni The Hague)
BEETHOVEN (2x  Evgeny Makhtin Haagsche Serenata, The Hague 2003;  Frederieke Saeijs orchestra: Bellitoni The Hague, year?),
BRAHMS (2x, soloist Annebeth Webb, orchestra: Delfts Symfonie Orkest 2003; soloist: Janine Jansen, orchestra: Orkest van Utrecht 1996)
BRUCH 1th (3 x soloist: Theo Olof, orchestra: Sempre Crescendo Leiden 1984, 1 rehearsal with soloist: Jaap van Zweden, orchestra: Sempre Crescendo Leiden 1991+ soloist: Angel Gimeno 1991)  
CHAUSSON, Ernest (2x, soloist: Stephanie Steiner, orchestra: Bataafs Symfonie orkest The Hague 2005; soloist: Lucian Leonard “Leo” Raiciof, Bellitoni Voorburg 2007)
DVORAK (2x, soloist: Dina Zemtsova, orchestra: Zuid Hollands Symfonie Orkest Den Haag 2004; soloist: Dina Zemtsova orchestra: Haagsche Serenata 2004)
FOERSTER, Josef B. 1th (soloist: Petr Bernasek, orchestra: La Pellegrina Bechyne, Czech Republik/ Amsterdam 2009)
GLASS, Philip (soloist: Sonja van Beek, orchestra: Con Brio, Amsterdam 2005)
GLAZUNOV (2x soloist: Helbertine Hylkema, orchestra: De Harmonie Groningen 2006; soloist: Laurens van Vliet, orchestra: Musica Den Haag 2006)
HAYDN (soloist: Hartmut Ometzberger, orchestra: Strikings Strings Leiden 1996)
HOLST double violin concerto (soloists: Raphaella Engelsberg + Daphne Oltheten, orchestra:  Leiden Sinfonietta 2009)
KHACHATURIAN (soloist: Simone Lamsma, orchestra: de Philharmonie Amsterdam 2006)
LALO Symf. Espagnole (soloist: Pei Pei Zhu, orchestra: Dortsche Orkest Vereeniging 2005)
MENDELSSOHN in e (4 x with soloist:Tjeerd Top  orchestra: Euterpe Den Haag 2004)
MENDELSSOHN in re (soloist: Tinka Regter, orchestra: Striking Strings Leiden 1997)  
MOZART 3th (soloist: Johannes Leertouwer, orchestra: Leiden Sinfonietta 2007)
MOZART 4th (soloist: Joris van Rijn, rehearsals, orchestra: Dortsche Orkest Vereeniging, year?)
MOZART 5th (soloist: Momoko Noguchi, orchestra: Haagsche Serenata 2006),
PROKOFIEV 1th (soloist: Sergei Arseniev, orchestra: Delfts Symfonie Orkest 2007),
PROKOFIEV 2th (soloist: Marlene Hemmer orchestra: Utrechtse Muziek Academie 2005)
RAVEL Tzigane (soloist: Lucian Leonard “Leo” Raiciof  orchestra: Bellitoni Voorburg 2007)
SAINT SAENS Havanaise (amateur soloist: Pieter van Zessen, orchestra: Ramuze Hazerswoude 2004)
SAINT SAENS 3th (3x soloist: Pei Pei Zhu, orchestra: Delfts Symfonie Orkest 2005; soloist: Mariana Hutchinson, orchestra: Leiden Sinfonietta2005; soloist: Sonja van Beek, orchestra: Ridderkerks Symfonie Orkest,2003)
SARASATE de, Zigeunerweise (soloist: Johannes Leertouwer, orchestra: Leiden Sinfonietta 2007)
SIBELIUS (soloist: Birthe Blom, orchestra: Musica Den Haag 2006)
STRAVINSKY (soloist: Arjan Beintema, orchestra: de Harmonie Groningen 2009)
SVENDSEN, Johan S.  Romance (soloist: Elodie Mendels, orchestra: Het Kempisch orkest 2006)
TARTINI vc in D klein (soloist: Tjeerd Top, orchestra: Colenso Consort Soest 2009)
TSJAIKOVSKY  (soloist: Dmitri Makhtin, orchestra: Orkest van Utrecht 1996),
TSJAIKOVSKY Souvernir dun lieu cher (soloist: Joan Berkheimer, orchestra: Striking Strings Leiden 2000)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Lark Ascending (soloist: Esther Visser, orchestra: Betuws Symfonie Orkest 2008)
VIEUXTEMPS 5th (soloist: Yvonne Smeulers, orchestra: Van Wassenaar Ensemble 2007)
WIENIAWSKI 2th (soloist: Momoko Noguchi, orchestra: Haagsche Serenata, year?)

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'Noordeinde Nocturn' chambermusic in art-galleries (+wine)

February 16, 2010 08:17

With a couple of friends we were again on 13-02-2010 on the Noordeinde Nocturne in The Hague, where members of the The Hague Philharmonic http://www.residentieorkest.nl/index.php?pageID=38 play chambermusic in art-galleries from 19.30 till midnight, also ""classics" from the Beatles + Metallica.  Most drinks were free. Here an impression with English comments:

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24 caprices Paganini by Rudolf Koelman

February 14, 2010 14:03

Rudolf Koelman (Heifetz pupil) http://www.koelman.ch/home.html sent his life cd with the 24 Paganinicapriccio's and I could use it for Youtube to show the score and he was enthousiastic about my Youtubechannel. :


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Oskar Rieding vc's op.21, op.34, op.35

February 11, 2010 06:49

More nostalgie from your childhood or recent remembrance for adult beginners:

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Beginners vc's F. Küchler+ F. Seitz

February 9, 2010 05:53

When I was 11 I played these violinconcerto's of Ferdinand Küchler op.15 + Friedrich Seitz no.1 op.13.

Ferdinand Küchler (1867-1937) violin concerto opus 15 in D major in Vivaldi style Allegro moderato- Siciliano Larghetto, Adagio - Allegro assai

Friedrich Seitz (1848-1918) School Pupil's violin concerto No.1 in G major opus 13 Allegro non troppa Adagio(andante) Allegro moderato  

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Géza Frid Podium-Suite op.3 life + score

February 4, 2010 01:13

Géza Frid is a Hungarian composer, who lived in the Netherlands and pupil of Bartok and Kodaly. Birthe Blom www.birtheblom.com ,violin + Martin Tchiba www.tchiba.com play a sonate:

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