October 2010

4 orchestra's this 1/2year: Arensky vc, doubleBach, Havanaise, Intro+ Rondo cap., Hubay, Porumbescu, de Sarasate

October 29, 2010 03:12

This half year I play in 4 amateurorchestra's. The rare Arensky violin concerto (soloist Sasha Mashina), Havanaise +  Introduction and Rondo capriccioso of Saint-Saens with a 14 year old soloist Svenja Staats, The double Concerto of Bach (Lisanne Soeterbroek + Joseph Puglia) and some Gypsy classics with André Serban like Hejre Kati of Jeno Hubay, Ballade of Porumbescu, Zigeunerweise of the Sarasate, The Lark.

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Enthousiastic Youtubereactions on the violin/guitar-concert

October 25, 2010 05:58

""wonderful :),Very good. Bravo!, bravissimi!! I wasnt really impressed with the other pieces she played,? but her Vivaldi is amazing! wow she's so amaizing <3 i wanna play like her, its too beautiful.thanks? for posting this video :D,Very nice.love all of these? Sonatas, Gracias,sós el arte!! lol @ the woman { in the public on the left} banging with her head xD, awesome! where? could somebody find this arrangement?el arte!!, awesome!,lovely!, danke."" Here the last part of the recordings of that concert. Ibert, 1th time on Youtube in this combination (flute/guitar, harp/flute exists already) + Vivaldi:

 More reactions, translated with Google translations to English: "Birthe and Albert. At home amazed applaud and thank you to the fact we enjoyed your "maîtrise" in duet. Lucia and Ramon. There we were at that time. Through this medium we could enjoy. Very interesting your set and the freshness of your interpretation. Amazing work of Albert with his instrument. Congratulations. It's a wonder your interpretation, there is a lot of feeling. Thank you both for your art. Birthe and Albert, we appreciated what we've played as a duo. A very successful involvement. Congratulations"


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The movie 'Janine', her new cd, 200 concerts/year -> burn out

October 20, 2010 03:13

Last friday I saw with a violinfriend the movie "Janine" at 11.30 in the morning. Still 10 persons of the 84 places at that strange time not in the evening. Here a trailer:

It was an interesting documentairy for violinists. James Bond Roger Moore is costarring in this movie (not in the trailer). Earlier they were both on Dutch tv:

But as you could see in the movie she does too much with 200 concerts in 1 year. From Soest where she live in the Netherlands to Australia and than to Boston and turning the clock back 18 hours. Jetlags. As she wrote on her website she was advised to take complete rest. http://www.janinejansen.com/newspress.php

27th August 2010
Message from Janine

Dear all,

I unfortunately have had to cancel my concert engagements for the time being after my doctors advised me to take a complete rest, in order to fully recuperate from exhaustion caused by over-work. I really look forward to resuming my performances as soon as I have 'recharged my batteries'!

Warm regards, Janine

In the movie (and trailer) Paul Popma, the marketing manager of Universal Music told he made a deal with an important newspaper for an interview with Janine from 2 pages and asked : "Janine, don't you think we are too exploitative. Sometimes I wonder."

The same man had admitted that daring foto's of Janine for her 4seasons Vivaldi are good marketing, because ""sex sells". http://www.opusklassiek.nl/actueel-archief/hoezenpoezen.htm

After that film I and that violinfriend bought tickets for 5 november, but perhaps she is still too fanatic and wants to come back too early. Just like Vengerov she plays too much with the risk of injury's fysical or mental. Also Andre Rieu cancelled a lot of concerts, because he is also is doing too much and could also not say no like Janine. He had an illness in his stability organs in his ears. I bought tickets for a concert in the soccerstation Arena in Amsterdam, because I want to see his big castle from Vienna and his big show, which has been postponed to next year. http://www.andrerieu.com/site/index.php?id=29&L=0

Here in Holland you can see the movie "Janine" : http://www.filmladder.nl/hello.php?show=movie&list=city&movie=3215
    Filmtheater "De Uitkijk"  
dag beh zo: 19.00; do vr za: 21.00; zo: 13.00 19.30 
 Het Ketelhuis  
dag beh vr: 19.45; zo: 15.15 
 Ede     CineMec   dag: 20.30 
 Rotterdam     Filmtheater Lantaren/Venster   ma di wo: 19.00 
 Tilburg     FilmFoyer Tilburg   wo: 20.00 
 Utrecht     Louis Hartlooper Complex   dag beh za: 16.45; dag beh zo: 19.00; vr za zo: 11.30; zo: 21.00 
It is a good pr action after the glossy "Janine" and the poster of the Tourist information in a busstop.

Before her burn out Janine made a cd. It is in the top-100 of the Dutchchart-list on 13 (last week on 6) between all pop-cd's.  http://www.dutchcharts.nl/weekchart.asp?cat=a
Next to an evergreen Claire de lune, also 3 unknown pieces of the composer Dubugnon (1968).
Here you can hear her cd complete and for free:
http://viertakt.radio4.nl/plaatpaal-player/17/beau-soir-janine-jansen-itamar-golan.html Plaatpaal'Beau Soir' - Janine Jansen - Itamar Golan
o.a. Claude Debussy - Vioolsonate Maurice Ravel - Vioolsonate in G Janine Jansen [viool] Itamar Golan [piano] Decca 478 2590

1. I. Allegro vivo, uit Vioolsonate, van Claude Debussy2. II. Intermède. Fantastique et leger, uit Vioolsonate, van Claude Debussy3. III. Finale. Très animé, uit Vioolsonate, van Claude Debussy4. Beau soir, van Claude Debussy (arr. Jascha Heifetz)5. Clair de lune, van Claude Debussy (transcr. Roelons)6. La Minute exquise, van Richard Dubugnon7. Nocturne, van Lili Boulanger8. Hypnos (à Miss Jan), van Richard Dubugnon9. Thème et Variations, van Olivier Messiaen10. Après un rêve, van Gabriel Fauré11. I. Allegretto, uit Vioolsonate in G, van Maurice Ravel12. II. Blues, uit Vioolsonate in G, van Maurice Ravel13. III. Perpetuum mobile (Allegro), uit Vioolsonate in G, van Maurice Ravel14. Retour à Montfort-l'Amaury, van Richard Dubugnon15. Pièce en forme de habanera, van Maurice Ravel

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Paganini, Niccolò Sonata Concertata and Sonata3 for violin+guitar

October 18, 2010 07:39

On the concert with candlelight (the reason why the video's are quite dark) Birthe Blom (violin) and Albert Pia (guitar) played 2 pieces of Paganini for violin+guiar Sonata Concertata and Sonata3. Paganini wrote next to violin also a lot for guitar.

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Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957) violin concerto

October 14, 2010 04:28

The Swiss composer Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957) composed in late romantic style. Here his violin concerto (1910/1911) with score;

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Piazzolla for violin (Birthe Blom) + guitar (Albert Pia)

October 12, 2010 07:11

In a village I heard Historia del Tango of the composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) for violin (Birthe Blom, Netherlands) + guitar (Albert Pia, Andorra). They also play Paganini, Ibert + Vivaldi for those 2 instruments during that concert.

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Jeno Hubay 4th violin concerto

October 10, 2010 11:22

The Hungarian composer Jeno Hubay (1858-1937) wrote 4 violin concerto's and the short piece Hejre Kati for violin+ orchestra. Soon I will play with the gypsy Serban + amateurorchestra this Hejre Kati + the Ballade of Porumbescu. Here the 4th violin concerto of Hubay (I think his 3th is better):

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Hneryk Wieniawski violin duo's op.18

October 7, 2010 06:16

From the 8 violinduo's of Henryk Wieniawski, overhauled by Jeno Hubay the 1th and 7th movement move me most. In the first after the introduction it seems that 2 violins play 2 melodies through each other. The same in the 7th 1th violin light spiccato, 2th a more slow melodie. Why is such great music so unknown and seldom recorded?


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