March 2009

24 Dutch capriccio's by Janine Jansen and Joris van Rijn

March 28, 2009 02:07

Here something else than the 24 capriccio's of Paganini. 24 Capriccio's for soloviolin form the Netherlands of the Dutch composer Chiel Meijering with shouting and catsound. Janine Jansen in 1999. Much more interesting than Tsjaikovsky but commercial less interesting perhaps, although this would be an original encore  and more original than a Paganini capriccio or Bach sonate or partita as encore.

Joris van Rijn in 1999 with the capriccio of Hans Koolmees

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Beethoven 2th! violinconcerto (reconstruction from 295 bars)

March 21, 2009 16:45

When Beethoven was 20 years old he wrote  295 bars for a violinconcerto. Composer Cees Nieuwenhuijzen wrote with this material the reconstruction of the 1th movement of this violinconcerto in C major opus 5. 
That  concerto was on the radio played by Liza Ferschtman, so here on Youtube with pictures of Beethoven I found on Google:

Beethoven violinconcerto in C (begin) 1mvt. reconstruction op. 5


 Beethoven violinconcerto in C (end) mvt1 reconstruction op.5




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4 orchestra's this 1/2 year+ ballet

March 20, 2009 04:49

This half year I play in 4 orchestra's. One concert is double so I had to choose one. Special pieces are Stravinsky violinconcerto, Holst doubleviolinconcerto. Also a ballet has been made for a piece from symfony in C from Stravinsky. The balletschool put in on Youtube.

I have played violinconcerto's, harpconcerto's, pianoconcerto's bassconcerto's, an operette (Lustige Witwe Franz Lehar with the Vilja song), but never a ballet. It is very difficult to play with all the barchages and symcopic rests. During an rehearsal the dansers say we slowed down and did not play fast enough, like on the cd. They also missed the 1th horn, so they missed some essential accents during that rehearsal. From 3.50-4.07 minutes you can see my orchestra in the dark. Here in their balletschool with the cd

And here my other concerts:

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83 candidates for Elisabeth competition Brussel

March 17, 2009 15:17

The DVD’s of the candidates for the 2009 violin competition have been screened by an international jury, chaired by Arie Van Lysebeth and consisting of Philippe Koch, Yuzuko Horigome, Lewis Kaplan, Igor Oistrakh and Gérard Poulet. Of the 145 candidates whose DVD’s have been screened, 83 have been admitted to the first public round of the Competition.
A total of 83 candidates (42 women and 41 men), of 27 different nationalities, are accepted for the first round of this year's violin competition.

The order of appearance for the first round will be published on Thursday night 30 April.

1 candidate from the Netherlands Birthe Blom [The Netherlands ]. 4 years ago 6 candidates from the Netherlands with Liza Ferschtman in the semi's, but more people could compete because there was no videoselection.

My very first blog here was about why Dalibor Karvay [Slovakia] did not reach the finals 4 years ago. Perhaps this time? Also the winner of the Vieuxtemps-competition of 2006 (now we are talking) Hrachya Avanesyan [Albania]

Als this girl was competing 4 years ago : Yuki Manuela Janke [Germany] . Her brother reached the semi's.

I hope no cadidate will play Tjaikovsky in the final, because I know the piece too well. Last edition 6 of the 12 finalists play the 1th violinc. of Shostakovitsch.

It all begins on 4 may and ends 30 may.

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Cartoons on the classic radio Radio4forum in the Netherlands

March 2, 2009 12:41

Hi. On the Dutch radio4, a classical channel, someone ( Lex Dirkse)  makes cartoons of me as Vieuxtemps, my nickname on the forum of radio4.

Here are some pictures. I will try to translate the words near the pictures:

Here I asked for Vieuxtemps for the last 4 days of the year (Radio4daagse)= radio 4 days where they play from 7 -23.00 hour the most popular classical music. They did not select my favorite compser Vieuxtemps. I say "au" = you hurt me.  "Ook niet 1 deel uit een concert" = even no single part of a Vieuxtempsconcerto?

I was on the dutch tv. They asked me about my safety equipment. Here the words on the picture:

 Could we expect from mr. Vieuxtemps soon a beautiful piece of music?  Eh.. I was thinking about "the wintertravel" from Schubert.





I wrote about young female good-looking violinists: they play standarddirt like the 4seasons, so here are the words: From the standarddirt we play summer and autumn.

In the new cd-discussion  programm "discotabel" they say: I rather hear Vieuxtemps riding on skates than an ape who is playing the composer Litolff.

After the recital in the AMsterdam Concertgebouw there was some unrest on the streets:

They play much too much romantic repertoire!!    Too less! I want more Chopin!!  Be quiet aginst this Beethoven-fanatic.   What?


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