October 2009

Standard violincompetition in Argentinia+ Stravinsky vc score

October 28, 2009 06:55

Again a violincompetition till 27 year with Paganini, Ysaye and Bach in first 2 rounds and well known pieces in the final:

-Bartók: Violin Concerto No.1+2
-Beethoven: D major, Op. 61
-Brahms: D major, Op. 77
-Prokofiev: D major, op. 19+ Tsigane Ravel
-Prokofiev: G minor, op. 63

-Paganini 1
-Schostakovich: A minor, op. 99
-Sibelius: D minor, op. 47
-Tchaikovsky: D major, op. 35

In Hannover they could choose:  http://www.violin-competi...m_service/repertoire.html
Final Round, 6 Competitors 8-9 October
One of the following concertos for violin and orchestra:
-Bartók: Violin Concerto No. 2
-Beethoven: D major, Op. 61
-Brahms: D major, Op. 77
-Bruch: G minor, Op. 26
-Dvorák: A minor, Op. 53
-Lalo: Symphonie espagnole, Op. 21
-Mendelssohn: E minor, op. 64
-Prokofiev: D major, op. 19
-Prokofiev: G minor, op. 63
-Schostakovich: A minor, op. 99
-Schumann: D minor (1853)
-Sibelius: D minor, op. 47
avinsky: D major (1931)
-Tchaikovsky: D major, op. 35

Ok most young violinists do not have enough time to study rarities, but why is there no competition till 40 years where people can choose to play non standard repertoire?, like:

BRUCH , Max (1838-1920) violinconcerto 2 or 3 or Scottish Fantasy
COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, Samuel (1875-1912)
CONUS (Konyus), Jules (Yuli) (1869-1942)
DOHNANYI, Ernst von violinconcerto 1,2 (1877-1960)
ERNST, Heinrich Wilhelm (1814-1865)
GODARD, Benjamin violinconcerto 1,2 (1849-1895)
GOLDMARK, Karl 1 (1830-1915)
HUBAY, Jeno violinconcerto 3 (1858-1937)
JOACHIM, JOSEPH violinconcerto 1,2,3 (1831-1907) (Suyoen Kim 2006-Hannoverwinner recorded the 1th and 2th for Naxos)
KARLOWICZ, Mieczyslaw (1876-1909)
LALO, Edouard (violin)Concerto Russe op.29 (1823-1892)
LIPINSKI, Karol violinconcerto 2 (1790-1861)
PAGANINI, Niccolo violinconcerto 3,4,5,6 (1782-1840)
SPOHR, Louis violinconcerto 8 (1784-1859) (Ulf Hoelscher from the jury played them all)
VIEUXTEMPS, Henry violinconcerto 1,2,3,6,7 (1820-1881)
VIOTTI, G.I. violinconcerto 22 (Antje Weithaas, 1991-Hannoverwinner played this piece in the Netherlands)
Of course noone played Stravinsky in the final (too rare, so let the candidates choose between only rarities) in Hannover so here the score:



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Janine Jansen new Britten-cd + score

October 26, 2009 02:43

Janine Jansen has recorded a rarity. In her opinion Britten violin concerto deserves a place between the top standard often played iron violinrepertoire, like Beethoven she also recorded:

If you open her website  www.janinejansen.com  you hear the first 1.22 minutes the 2th movement of Britten.

I think Britten will be not been often played because it is quite modern like Stravinsky and Schoenberg violin concerto, so more difficult to understand this music for a more broader audience. So Romantic violinconcerto's will be more popular.

Here the score of Britten of another version:


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Bruch, Max Scottish Fantasy

October 22, 2009 15:27

After his 1th violinconcerto Bruch's Scottish Fanatsy is quite often played. I have heard the piece once.

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Bruch, Max 3th violinconcerto

October 16, 2009 15:17

I think Bruch 3th is even better than his 2th (and 1th of course, because he is improving during his life, crescendo, no decrescendo)

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Bruch, Max 2th violinconcerto

October 7, 2009 02:03

Most people have probably heard the famous 1th Bruch violin concerto on the radio or in the concerthallconcert or even ever played as soloist or as orchestramember. (I have 3 times as an amateur). But he wrote 3 more violinconcerto's, here the 2th:

Bruch wrote apart from the 2th, a 3th violin concerto and the Scottish fantasy for violin + orchestra. I recently heard the last piece in the concerthall. Max Bruch was annoyed during his life already that everybody always played his 1th and that the rest of his work was less appreciated.

Nevertheless it is strange that Bruch is not a forgotten composer and is still well known as composer nowadays because of 1 piece. He has not written well known (or often played) chamber music or famous symphonies, like Beethoven or Mozart.
But what do you think of his 2nd violin concerto, for instance compared to his 1th? 

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New orchestra: New Philharmonic Utrecht

October 4, 2009 11:24

In 1985 a regional orchestra in the middle of the Netherlands disappeared, because the government did not want to put public money in it

Now my former conductor of an amateurorchestra took the initiative to start a new orchestra in the centre city Utrecht, central place for all trianconnections, of the Netherlands. With that amateurorchestra we played with soloist Johannes Leertouwer (former Dutch National violincompetition winner) Zigeunerweise of the Sarasate and 3th Mozart. This violinist is now the new conductor of this orchestra who gave on 3 Oktober their first concert. The city Utrecht and the region Utrecht gave some money, but again the government refused to give money. In the orchestra  everybody is professional with a conservatory-education. OK it is not the Concertgebouw Orchestra with big international ambitions, but it has a function in the region and they also plays at schools to promote classical music.

So we will see what it is gonna be financially.

The conductor explains in Dutch thinks about the piece before the concert, while the orchestra plays short pieces (Youtubesoundbites). The quality of the video is quite poor. Too much movement.

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Semi-finalists Joachim-Hannover-violincompetition

October 2, 2009 11:20

The 12 semi-finalists have been selected of the Joachim Hannover violincompetition

Here the new Naxos cd of the last winner of 2006 Suyoen Kim. It is a pity that the 3 violinconcerto's (now all ! recorded by Naxos) can not be played in the final. During the opening concert Suyoen Kim had to play the 1th or the 2th, just recorded by her. The 2th is now 5 time recorded by Suyoen Kim, Aaron Rosand, Rachel Barton, Elmar Oliveira and Christian Tetzlaff.

The first and 2th session of the 1th round can be seen here:


After announcing the 12 semi-finalists who climb on the stage, also the other 16 who stopped perfoming stepped on stage and got applause.

here the 12 semi-finalists:

Itamar Zorman

Clara-Jumi Kang,

Hyuk Joo Kwun

Yoo Jin Jang

Haik Kazazyan

Solenne Paidassi

Stephanie Jeong

Yura Lee

David Coucheron

Jung Yoon Yang

Yuseke Hayashi

Fumaiki Miura

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