July 2008

Bruckner 0th symphony 3th movement scherzo: presto

July 9, 2008 13:15

1th theme up tempo with a lot of the same notes behind each other. 2th theme sentimental. again 1th, 2th theme... Coda again with a lot of the same notes behind each other and a strong last akkord. I like the simplicity and efficienty of this composer.

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IMSLP reopened!! Easy to get rare sheetmusic, example 7th vc Vieuxtemps 2th part

July 5, 2008 03:56

Wow, not yet is controlled for copyrights en you could not open all pdf's, but here an example:
If someone would be interested in the pianopart of the 7th violinconcerto of Vieuxtemps. Heer you can download it legal without paying or log inn:
This is the way to do that:
click on "composer name" at the leftsite.
Click on "V"
Click on "Vieuxtemps, Henri"
Click on "Violin Concerto No.7, Op.49 (Vieuxtemps, Henri)"
Click on "Piano and Violin Part - complete"
Discliamer. Click on "Ik ga ermee akkoord, download het bestand" or "I agree download the file"
And hoppa there it is: 42 page's, 2 Mb . Save as and print:
First you see the pianopart tnah the violinpart. Sometimes You get a white page
You can read the sheetmusic while listing to a Youtube-video of the same music of the 2th part of the 7th violinconcerto of Vieuxtemps.

It is page 8 of the violinpart and page 38 of 42 of the downloaded file. Or reading with the piano part page 15,16,17 or pages 17,18,19 of the 42 pages of the downloaded file. The violinist makes a little deviation of the partiture.
You can also upload (rare) files by yourself on IMSLP when you log in.

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Ysaye when getting an email, startingup and close down my computer

July 3, 2008 04:07

A friend of my work had some popmusic when he got a mail during his works. So I asked him how he did that. I sent him 3 fragments of Ysyae (the first 3 on this youtube-video of wma and he converted it to large .wav-files of about 8 Mb.
I can sent those wav-files to evryone who also want to hear these fragments on his or her computer at home or at their work (a good way to "introduce" (perhaps a bit pushy and irritating the the sound is too loud) to your colleagues.
This is the way to change your standardfiles to (my?)Ysaye-files (I have Windows XP):
Click on "start", left bottom on your desk-top, than click on "Control panel". Than click on "sound and sound devices". Than click on the "second page" "sound" (the first page is volume). Than you scroll down to "new mail notification". Left click on "new mail notification" and you can see under it the name of the wav-file (my name is, because I changed it: Ysaye2). Than click on "browse thereunder and you will see all wav-files of your computer. Here you copy and paste your new file, click on it and than click on ok and than again on ok and you can hear your favorite sound when getting an email.
Do the same instead of "new mail notification" with "start windows" or "exit windows"

The first fragment of this Ysaye-Youtubevideo till the high note I have now for "new mail notification" Sonate 1 op.27 first part the end:

and the whole second fragment, Sonate 5 end first part for "start windows" and "exit windows"

It is still a pleasure to get an email and I get every time when strating up and closing down my computer tears in my eyes. I think it will take quite some time before I will change these fragments.

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