October 2008

Dutch Conductor Hans Leenders begins English forum about the future of classical music

October 22, 2008 13:48

Dutch Conductor Hans Leenders

who was an assistent of Valery Gergiev in Rotterdam and has conducted the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (who gives away downloads because they exist 120 years)and many other professional orchestra's (and 1 amateurorchestra) has begon an English forum about the future of classical music.
Perhaps you are interested and you wants register?
But he also can register here and find our discussion-page, where he gets more reactions perhaps than on his forum?
Here his
Hans Leenders Youtube-site

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Rachmaninov, Sergej 1th symphony 4th mvt. Allegro Con Fuoco

October 18, 2008 11:34

Today I had a lot of work for the stills for my new Youtube-video. You often hear the 2th syphony of Rachmaninov or Symphonic Dances (I have played them both), but seldom his 1th or 3th symphony. His 4th Movement of his 1th Symphony is funny with the windwoods intro. I got associations of Boris Jeltsin conducting a military orchestra. He also use the flat tam tam , 4 times at the end. During this Russian musicpiece I felt the big country of Russia, so I have googled a lot of TransSiberian images from the beginning of the railway in Moskou till the end of the railway in Vladiwostok at the end after 9288 kilometers. 6 Hours of work and here my stills-impression of this music. I had to cut out a little part from the middle because I only get 10 minutes from Youtube. I think a good reason to play this 1th symphony of Rachmaninov more often:

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Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto (1822) (the unknown one) on Youtube

October 13, 2008 14:40

Apart from the well known Mendelssohn violinconcerto in e, he also wrote one in D. It is now complete on Youtube. I played it with a string orchestra

Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto (1822) i. mvmt

Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto (1822) ii. mvmt- part1

Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto (1822) ii. mvmt - part2

Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto (1822) iii. mvmt

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Goldmark violinconcerto on Youtube

October 9, 2008 09:17

Here the general rehearsal of the not so often played violinconcerto of Goldmark op.28 by the Hungarian Vilmos Szabadi and the orchestra of Miskolc (North Hungaria):
Goldmark Violin Concerto A minor Op. 28 i.mvmt - part

Goldmark Violin Concerto A minor Op. 28 ii.mvmt - part

Goldmark Violin Concerto A minor Op. 28 iii.mvmt - part

Version for violin and piano:
Karen Su, Age 9, Plays Goldmark Concerto

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Antonio Bazzini, stringquartet 6 mvt 3 Saltarello, Vivacissimo

October 4, 2008 05:33

My father has as passive classic music listener a lot of lp's of stringquartets. He wrote on lp's the year when he bought them. For example LP's of the Juilliard String Quartet with Robert Mann, Claus Adam from 1962 and 1963 (my birth year) of Alban Berg/ Anton Webern and Ravel/Debussy and also all Beethoven string quartets. When I was a young kid I listen a lot to this music and some pieces moves you like

Beethoven Harp mvt1 op.74 at the end with the climax of the fast 1th violin at 8.32 min.
Beethoven the beginning of opus 18.6 movement 4

with the big contrast between heavy sadness and spring happines. The combination of this 4 instruments has something something magic to express atmospheres you cannot express with an orchestra or other combination of instruments.
Now I have found again a piece which moves me at first ear. It is like the well known and often played piece Ronde de Lutins-easy to find on Youtube-, but I think like for violin/piano for string quartets this is also a suitable encore for string quartets, this SQ6 mvt3 of Antonio Bazzini. It gives the joy and fun of spring and make you think to ring some people to play SQ somewhere. I use a lot of pictures for the fast parts and a few for the slow middle part:

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