August 2007

violins in the art in Spain and Portugal

August 13, 2007 13:54

More violins in the art in the museum of Sitges near Barcelona:

Detail (one tile) of a big wall of 30 tiles with a violinplayer outside the museum in a street in Sitges near Barcelona, Spain.

All the tiles (down under and a little left of the middle the violinplayer)in Sitges.

A bronze Mozart lookalike violinplayer

A miniature violinplayer in a vitrine

angel with violin

A painting with a violin.

A detail with a violinplayer in Barcelona of a bridge over a street.

The whole bridge. Under the camera was the detail with the violin.

A wall with 2 violins on tiles in a coffeebar under a arena where we saw fighting bulls in Lisboa.

In Spain they kill the bull, in Portugal the wounded bull leaves alive the arena
with some cows and lives on.
But perhaps they better can play violin in this arena than "playing" with bulls.

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Violin photo's of my holiday in Spain, Portugal, France

August 10, 2007 03:54

I made with my digital camera during my holiday in Spain photo's of all objects concerning the violin. Here some photo's, the rest will follow.
Most of these photo's have been taken in Sitges near Barcelona most in 3 museums there.

A porcelain violin in the same size as a wooden violin in a museum of a rich family of Sitges

a little man playing the violin in a vitrine in the rich family museum in Sitges

A painting of a Paganini look alike in the rich family museum in Sitges

A close up of a very little tin soldier playing a violin

a little man playing the violin in a vitrine in the rich family museum in Sitges

Same photo, a bit vague in spite of stabilisation in my camera the front of store in Avignon, France. Do you understand the connection with the violin?

non-pizzicato in Lisboa, Portugal

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a streetviolinist in the train in Spain

August 7, 2007 15:29

This holiday I was with a fiend in Spain, Portugal and south-France for a holiday. The day before I have bought a DIGITAL CAMERA!! During that holiday I made photo's of all violins I saw. But I also saw a guitarist on the strret playing for money and a accordeonist, but also a VIOLINIST in the train near Barcelona in Spain. I made 2 photo's and gave him money afterwards. The played an unknown Irishlike tune and Mozart Turkish march. With my digi camera I also could make films with sound. I forget that to make of this unique moment, SILLY. All photo's were 2,2 Mbite. I could compress them with adobe professional and than save them as jpg-file again, but they are still too big.
Here my first digital photo's on my blog:

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