October 2007

Naxosnews 3: Naxos Music Libary

October 20, 2007 07:15

Naxos had a music library, where you can listen 15 minutes for free to tracks of several cd's you choose. Or you can listen free 1 week if you are no member, like me. It is a pity that they still don't have hard to get sheetmusic on pdf for free or for people who log in. Sometimes sheetmusic of rare music dissapear when a sheetmusiclibrary is on fire and sometimes you have so search worldwide (if it is online) to find the rare pieces you want to have. Most of the time that is such rare music that the average music shop don't sell or could not get, because it is so antique that there are only some copies in musiclibraries, which are older than 75 years after the dead of a composer and rights free.

Naxos Music Libary
*Invaluable Resource for Music Professionals and Collectors
*Wide Range of Standard and Specialist Repertoire
*First-class Performances and Sound
*Contains close to 17,300 CDs, over 253,000 tracks of music. 500 CDs are added every month
*Comprehensive Liner Notes
*Includes Opera Synopses and Libretti, Composer and Artist Biographies and other Essential Information
*Access from Anywhere, Anytime Take a quick tour!

Why Naxos Music Libary?

Extensive Repertoire
Naxos Music Libary [NML] offers not only practically all standard repertoire, but also an enormous range of specialist repertoire not available from other online sources.

Leading Independent Labels
The recordings in Naxos Music Libary include the complete catalogues of BIS, Chandos, CPO, Hänssler, Hungaroton, Marco Polo, Naxos and selected titles of other leading independent labels, with more labels being added from time to time.

Easy Access, Efficient System
A login (user name and password) is assigned to each subscriber who can then access the library anywhere, anytime -- in the office, in the classroom, in a hotel room, in a shop and at home. Every composition and every track is instantly accessible at the click of a mouse -- no more searching on shelves or updating archive information.

Value for Money
Naxos stands for offering high-quality performances and recordings at an affordable price. The Naxos Music Libary offers the same outstanding value-for-money proposition.

Naxos, a Name You Can Trust
Naxos is the world's leading producer of classical music. We produce more new classical recordings than any other company, independent or major. We also have subsidiaries in most major music markets around the world which can provide customer support. Naxos is committed to music education and produces a wide range of educational material, from audiobooks to mixed-media products, such as books with CDs and dedicated websites.

Genres Available
Classical Music
Contemporary Jazz
Jazz/Folk/Blues Legends
Adult Contemporary
Chinese Music
Pop and Rock

Browse and select any track to listen to for 15 minutes

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Turkish violin

October 15, 2007 15:17

Ok we understand the easy walses of André Rieu, but here something more radical of Alsin M. I have a Turkish colleague who plays the sas, a Turkish Guitar. It is quite difficult for us to understand the beauty of this larmoyant unisono oriental music.

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Celloconcerto with Maarten Jansen (brother of Janine) + new cd Janine Jansen

October 14, 2007 11:50

Yesterday I had a concert in Leiden with Leiden Sinfonietta, a small chamber orchestra with 5 1th violins (my only orchestra where I play 1th violin)and 4 2th violins. We played in the Waag in Leiden

Although it is a very small concerthall, it has similarities with our famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam:
, specially the pillars and the windows near the ceiling and the construction around those windows.
We played:
Mozart Ouverture Der Schauspieldirektor
R.Schumann Celloconcerto opus 129
and after the break:
J.Koetsier (I think an unknown Dutch composer, but the music was not bad)
A.Borodin 3th Symphony
The soloist in the celloconcerto was Maarten Jansen, the brother of.. Janine Jansen.

I asked if it was ok that I made a photo of him and put it om my violinweblog. That was no problem. He was also interested in a copy of a recording I had made with my old-fashioned cassetterecorder. I made the photo, but on the left you can see the pen, whith which I noticed his address. In the background you can see parts of a big iron balance, they used in the past for weighing cheese and other products. Waag= weighing room.
Maarten played very good like his sister (its all in the family) but he did not move so much during playing.
His sister Janine Jansen, who had kissed in the past our leaving amateurconductor of Leiden Sinfonietta on the conservatory (lucky him), who also now has a new partner, has a new cd Janine's Bachcd with Bachmusic. Janine's website, has also changed

Apart of the well known 2th Partita with the Ciacone, she plays duo's with viola and trio's with viola and cello (not her brother Maarten, who played on her 4 seasonVivaldi-cd)
OK 3 entries in 1 day must be enough for the time being. I am writing myself of the first rollblogpage.

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USA/Canada-tour of the walse king André Rieu

October 14, 2007 11:09

For those of you who have heard too often pieces like Mendelssohn/Bruch1/Brahms/Beethoven violinconcerto's or Symphonies like 5th Beethoven, 9th Dvorak etc,and are bored of all those iron standardrepertoire, you can go to the walse king
AndréRieu USA-tour,who is touring in Canada and USA:

14 Oct 2007 16:00 SaskatoonCanada
Credit Union Center Tickets via www.ticketmaster.ca
15 Oct 2007 20:00 WinnipegCanada
MTS Centre Tickets via www.ticketmaster.ca
17 Oct 2007 19:30 St. PaulUSA Xcel Energy Center Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
18 Oct 2007 20:00 OmahaUSA Q West Center
Tickets via NET Television, netNebraska.org, tv@netNebraska.org, tel 1-800-868-1868
19 Oct 2007 19:30 Des MoinesUSA Wells Fargo Arena Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
21 Oct 2007 16:00 DenverUSA Pepsi Center
Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
22 Oct 2007 20:00 Salt Lake CityUSA The E Center Tickets via: KUED Public Television Salt Lake City: website: www.kued.org ; email: membership@qued.org; phone 801-581-3284, toll free at 800-477-KUED
01 Dec 2007 20:00 San Francisco/OaklandUSA
Oracle Arena Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
02 Dec 2007 19:00 SacramentoUSA Arco Arena
Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
03 Dec 2007 20:00 BakersfieldUSA Rabobank Arena
Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
04 Dec 2007 20:00 Anaheim/Los AngelesUSA
Honda Center Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
05 Dec 2007 19:30 San DiegoUSA Ipay One Center
Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
07 Dec 2007 20:00 Las VegasUSA Orleans Arena
Tickets via http://www.orleansarena.com/event-schedule.html, tel: 702-284-7777
08 Dec 2007 19:30 PhoenixUSA
Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
09 Dec 2007 19:00 TucsonUSA Tucson Arena
Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
10 Dec 2007 20:00 El PasoUSA UTEP Don Haskins Arens Tickets via www.ticketmaster.com
11 Dec 2007 20:00 Rio Rancho/AlbuquerqueUSA
Santa Ana Star Center
Tickets via http://www.gettix.net/concert/?event_id=2135, tel: 866-443-8849
14 Dec 2007 20:00 TorontoCanada Rogers Centre Toronto Tickets via www.rogerscentre.com or www.ticketmaster.ca
15 Dec 2007 20:00 TorontoCanada
Rogers Centre Toronto Tickets via www.rogerscentre.com or www.ticketmaster.ca

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Mouthpaint Violincard 37, Romance+Mazurek for violin + orchestra of Dvorak, rare violinconcerto’s in Dutch Concerthalls

October 14, 2007 07:59

I got a violincard of a colleague, who always read my blog. It is from a disabled mouthpaint painter Nancy Rae Litteral from the USA.

A week ago weekend I heard the violinist Pavel Hula from the Kocian string quartet from the Czech Republic play the Romance op.11 and Mazurek op.39 of Antonin Dvorak with orchestra. In 2006 I also played in this orchestra in Bechyne in the Czech Republic. This year I was so silly to miss this summercourse and thus missed the Romance and Mazurek, because I was too late to become member. But I did not miss the concert. So I have heard this rarity in the concerthall (church).
I missed the concert of Rachel Barton-Pine who played the 2th violinconcerto of Joseph Joachim in Gottingen friday 31 augustus. But in the concerthall The Doelen in Rotterdam on 14 januari I get a 2th chance.
Here more rare violinconcerto’s in Holland, because the too well known concerto’s I know too well and I have played them 2 or 3 times (mostly as 2th violinist), so no reason for me to hear them again in the concerthall.
Friday 12 oktober Nielsen violinconcerto by Nikolay Znaider + Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Concertgebouw Amsterdam.
Monday 29 oktober 20.15, Concertbouw, Amsterdam, Nielsen violinconcerto, by Lisa Jacobs with the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra (an orchestra without financial support from the government)
Tuesday 30 oktober 20.15 , Doelen Rotterdam, Nielsen violinconcerto by Lisa Jacobs with the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra
Friday 16 november 20.15, 2th Penderecki violinconcerto by Julian Rachlin Doelen Rotterdam
Friday 30 november 1th violinconcerto Szymanowski by Nikolay Znaider The Doelen Rotterdam
Friday 30 november 1th violinconcerto Szymanowski by Simone Lamsma, Central Studios Utrecht
Sunday 14.15 2 december 1th violinconcerto Szymanowski by Nikolay Znaider in The Doelen ,Rotterdam
Thursday 13 december/ friday 14 december 1th Bartok violinconcerto by Gidon Kremer, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Concertgebouw Amsterdam.
Friday 14 december 2th violinconcerto Joseph Joachim by Christiaan Tetzlaf, The Doelen Rotterdam
Friday 18 januari Britten violinconcerto by Antje Weithaas The Doelen Rotterdam

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Naxosnews 2 : The Chamber Works of Antonio Bazzini

October 8, 2007 00:30

Naxosnews2 Bazzini

The Chamber Works of Antonio Bazzini
The 19th century Italian composer and teacher Antonio Bazzini has two main claims to fame today: his oft-performed and oft-recorded sparkling ENCORE PIECE, La ronde des lutins*, and his position in the early 1880’s as Giacomo Puccini’s composition professor at the Milan Conservatory in Italy. During his lifetime Bazzini composed a considerable body of music, which includes chamber pieces, generally considered his finest works.

As part of Naxos' ongoing series devoted to 19th Century Virtuoso Violin Music, the young duo consisting of violinist Chloë Hanslip and pianist Caspar Frantz recorded several of Bazzini’s works for violin and piano, including Trois Morceaux en forme de sonate and Trois morceaux lyriques, in addition to the aforementioned La ronde. The recording sessions took place from 12 to 14 September 2007 at Potton Hall, UK, and were produced and engineered by Michael Ponder.

Chloë Hanslip has to date received fine reviews for her first Naxos album** (8.559302), while Mr. Frantz makes his Naxos recording debut with this recording.


John Corigliano
The Red Violin
: Chaconne
George Enescu
2 Romanian Rhapsodies, Op. 11: No. 1 in A major (arr. F. Waxman)
Franz Waxman
Tristan and Isolde Fantasia
Chloe Hanslip, violin
Charles Owen, piano
John Adams Violin Concerto

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Dresses with violins

October 5, 2007 03:57

Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf have made dresses with violins in it.
A friend sent me this link.

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Muzical termz...

October 3, 2007 13:59

I got a music email from a lady from an orchestra:

Muzical termz...

Adagio fromaggio - To play in a slow and cheesy manner

Anti-phonal - No phones allowed in concert hall

A patella - Unaccompanied knee slapping

Approximatura - A series of notes played by the performer, not
intended by the composer

Bar line - What musicians form after a concert

Concerto grossissimo - A really bad performance

Fog hornoso - A sound that is heard when the conductor's
intentions are not clear

Molto bolto - Head straight for the ending

Tempo tantrumo - What happens when the conductor and orchestra
have differing ideas of the correct speed

Zzzfortzando - Play very loudly, in order to wake up the audience

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Naxosnews 1: Naxos collaborates with top violinists in a new series dedicated to 19th century virtuoso violin music

October 1, 2007 08:57

I got an email from Jon(athan) Frohnen about new releases of Naxos:

Naxosnews1 19th century virtuoso

Naxos collaborates with top violinists in a new series dedicated to 19th century virtuoso violin music

While many other record labels are content to record the same violin music over and over again, Naxos has chosen to raise the bar to a new level by recording 200 albums—possibly even more—dedicated exclusively to music composed by 19th century violin virtuosos. Our list of fine virtuosos dedicated to this project includes Friedemann Eichhorn, Chloe Hanslip, Misha Keylin, Philippe Quint, and Tianwa Yang . With the dedication and skill of these and other astounding violinists, this series will revive this unjustly neglected segment of the classical repertoire and create excitement among a whole new generation of listeners for the golden age of violin music.

The first release of this series combines the brilliant playing of Philippe Quint with the smoothly virtuosic 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Concertos of the great Belgian violinist Charles de Beriot (1802-1870). All of the concertos of de Beriot contain some of the trademark virtuoso techniques that were so common in his day: tremolo legato, left hand pizzicato, artificial harmonics, sweeping runs, and extended arpeggios; however, de Beriot, like his student Henri Vieuxtemps, used these to complement the singing qualities of the noble violin. This album marks the world premiere recording of the 3rd Violin Concerto in E Minor, a dramatic and beautiful work that will now be remembered forever thanks to the brilliant efforts of Philippe Quint, the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, and our team of talented producers.

Passionate and full melodies combined with outstanding displays of virtuosity are also the hallmark of Beriot’s 2nd Violin Concerto in B Minor. Although not the first CD recording of this wonderful concerto, it is the first to strictly follow Beriot’s own writing to better capture the composer’s intended purpose. To complete this stirring album we have chosen the light 5th Concerto in D Major. Filled with cheerful melodies and virtuoso technique, this concerto provides a perfect ending to this album, the second in a series dedicated to recording all ten of Beriot’s violin concertos. We hope that the brilliance displayed by Quint along with the beautiful melodies composed by de Beriot will preserve the composer's name as not only a violinist of remarkable skill but as a composer worthy of the modern concert stage.

With this series we will reintroduce the world to the great names and music of the 19th century virtuosi. For instance the name Pierre Baillot (1771-1842) is not well known today but was one of the biggest names in 19th century France, both as a pedagogue and a performer. Along with two other famous violin virtuosos, Pierre Rode and Rodolphe Kreutzer, he created one of the most famous violin methods in history, the then-official method of the Paris Conservatory. In addition to his teaching duties and travels, Baillot managed to compose many works, including nine violin concertos. All of Baillot’s nine violin concertos, many of which have not been played for well over a century, make their world premiere recording within this collection.

This project will also mark the recording debut of concertos by Rodolphe Kreutzer (1766-1831, 19 Concertos), Felipe Libon (1775-1838, 6 Concertos), Francois Habeneck (1781-1849, 2 Concertos), Alfredo d’Ambrosio (1871-1914, 2 Concertos), Ferdinand David (1810-1873, 5 Concertos), Ludwig Maurer (1789-1878, 9 Concertos), Nicholas Wery (1789-1867, 3 Concertos), Jacques Mazas (1782-1849, 2 Concertos), and numerous others.

One part of this collection of complete violin concertos includes the thirteen violin concertos by the French virtuoso Pierre Rode (1774-1830). Earlier this year Friedemann Eichhorn recorded concertos 7, 10, and 13 with the SWR Radio Orchestra Kaiserslautern conducted by Nicolas Pasquet. When this collection of amazing concertos is complete it will be a 'must own’ for discerning music collectors everywhere, providing listening pleasure for years to come.

While all of our talk so far has been about the 19th century violin concerto, we have not forgotten about the many works for solo violin, violin/piano, and violin duo!

In addition to providing an extensive collection of 19th century violin concerti, this series will bring to light generally unknown works for solo violin. Today, the general public is exposed to very little other than the solo works of J.S. Bach, Eugene Ysaye, and Nicolo Paganini and while the works of these three composers are absolutely amazing, there is just so much more to explore! We plan to include solo works by past masters such as Delphin Alard, Charles de Beriot, Ferdinand David, Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, Emile Hait, William Henley, Johannes Kalliwoda, Emile Leveque, Karol Lipinski, Pierre Rode, Napoleon de Saint-Lubin, and many others.

The list of selections for violin with piano accompaniment planned for this collection is vast, but one notable album has recently been recorded. It is an album of works by Antonio Bazzini. Although known today only for his brilliant showpiece "The Round of the Goblins", Bazzini was a prolific composer and professor of composition, Puccini was among his pupils. This first recording will represent only a small selection of the great music composed by Bazzini, performed with dazzling precision and fire by the award-winning Chloe Hanslip and accompanied by the pianist Caspar Frantz. Hanslip’s dedication to this series continues with future recordings of the complete concertos of Jeno Hubay and the recently-recorded album of Benjamin Godard’s two Violin Concertos with the Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a continuation of the huge success of the violin concertos, our Henri Vieuxtemps specialist Misha Keylin will be tackling the composer’s complete works, starting with an album of showpieces followed closely by an album of opera fantasies, both for violin and piano. Vieuxtemps, a pupil of de Beriot, was close to being both a first rank virtuoso and a first rank composer, and he managed to combine these two talents to create some of the most beautiful and difficult music ever composed. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Vieuxtemps used his versatility as a tool to communicate his music to a broad audience while maintaining the integrity of a well respected composer, gathering admirers such as Wagner and Hector Berlioz along the way. This series offers many first-ever recordings of Vieuxtemps, all handled with outstanding skill by Keylin.

Pablo Sarasate has never been forgotten and never will. Although it has been attempted before, no label has ever recorded all of Sarasate’s many works and transcriptions. With the help of one of the world’s leading experts on Sarasate, Joseph Gold, we plan to record the complete works of Pablo Sarasate , featuring violinist Tianwa Yang, a first-rank maestra with few equals.Yang’s first album of works by Sarasate was released in late 2006 and received rave reviews. Sarasate’s demonstrated flair and charming melodies are a perfect match for the talents of Yang.

In addition to all of the wonderful music for violin/orchestra, solo violin, and violin/piano, we will offer many recordings of pieces for two violins. Planned for recording are duos by Jacques Mazas, Francois Habeneck, Federigo Fiorillo, Pierre Rode, and Henryk Wieniawski. Just recently Christine Sohn and John Marcus recorded an album of duos by Charles de Beriot including the 3 Duos Concertants, op.57 and the Airs Espagnols, op.113. This recording premieres the op.113 Airs Espagnols based on themes taken from Prince Nicolai Youssopov’s Ballet Espagnol. Also offered will be recordings of music for two violins and orchestra, including music by Rodolphe Kreutzer, Johannes Kalliwoda, and Delphin Alard, as well as double concertos by Louis Spohr with one of our outstanding house violinists, Henning Kraggerud.

If the violin world has lost some of its sense of burning excitement over the years, Naxos is determined to rekindle the flame by releasing our recordings to the public. After all, these compositions were designed to be enjoyed by the entire public, not just a handful of violinists. This series will reintroduce music lovers to a vast world of nearly forgotten but still wonderful music. BY OFFERING THE BEST 19TH CENTURY COMPOSITIONS PLAYED BY SUPERB VIOLINISTS, OUR GOAL IS TO ENSURE THIS WONDERFUL MUSIC LIVES FOREVER.

Jonathan Frohnen
Naxos - 19th Century Violin Repertoire Consultant


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