August 2006

Liza Ferschtman plays Dvorak + Mozart-gadget

August 29, 2006 03:54

This weekend I heard registered member and semi-finalist of the last Elisabethcompetition Liza Ferschtman playing Dvorak violinconcerto in the Concertgebouw. Her teacher Philip Hirschhorn won that competition in the past and was also teacher of Janine Jansen. As you can see the lyre (no harp) on the top of the building you also can see on the sugar of the coffee.

And today I got from a colleague an Eau de toilette of a well known composer. He got it as a present and it is made in Salzburg Parfums-Mozart Parfums-Amadeus F.Hanusch Cosmetic Salzburg/Austria. But the air of the eau de toilette reminds him of a toilet, so he did not like the smell.

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August 28, 2006 03:41

This weekend I got from a friend a violinbottle of 20% Raspberry Liqueur from Nannerl Salzburg. He has RSS-feed, so here he sees his bottle on my blog.

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music tie

August 25, 2006 07:30

This tie I found in a souvenirshop on the pier (piece of land in the sea) in Scheveningen near Den Hague

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No Mozartkugeln, Mozarttaler, but MOZARTINO's in Heidelberg

August 23, 2006 03:52

Mozart must have been a real chocolate-man. Apart from Mozartkugeln and Mozarttaler in Salzburg I found MOZARTINO's in Heidelberg. I forget to give Sydney some, silly me. They are made of milk cholate and filled with milk chocolate and hazelnut cream. So I add this product to my digital collection Mozart-chocolates and composer-beers (Janacek and Vieuxtemps) and composer wines. (Bach and Saint-Saens)

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Janine Jansen + Janacekbeer

August 21, 2006 04:01

Yesterday I heard with my parents the 2th violinconcerto of Shostakowitsch played by Janine Jansen, who had the same white dress with 2 pink flowers as she wears during a concert with the Chinese National Orchestra when she played the piece Lark Ascending of Vaugham Williams. She played it with a lot of temperament and bowed her skees and than jumped up with her head, throwing her hair behind.

During my musicsummercourse, we had a day free. I used it to make a long travel of 4 hours to Brno, in the east of the Czech Republic to get in a supermarket called "Tesco" my Janacek beer. After I loaded 4 crates of 20 bottles of 1/2 litre, I drove on for 1 hour east to the brewery in Uhersky Brod, to buy more different sorts of Janacek beer, as I photographed later on my work for my computer with as background.
I think the brewer Janacek has a great resemblance in the composer Leos Janacek, because they both have a moustache.

Leos Janacek

brewer Janacek

different sorts Janacekbeer

my car full loaded with 7 crates Janacekbeer

the brewery in Uhersky Brod

Inside the brewery

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Summer Music Course Pellegrina in Czech Republic

August 17, 2006 04:10

From 3-13 august I was on a music summer course of the Dutsh conductor Dirk Jan Horringa "La Pellegrina" In Bechyne, 100 km below Prague in the Czech Republic, where I met a lot of Dutch amateurs I know from different orchestra's from the Netherlands and a lot of foreigners like 5 Japanese, 2 French,a German, a Englisch musicians. This is the website for more information if you are interested for next year.
In the morning we play 2 chambermusicprogramms with a coach. I played only one of the 2 programms, so half of the mornings I was free. I was in a group where we practise and later perfrom the Serenade of Dvorak for strings in E major op. 22. Our coach was Pavel Hula from the Kocian string quartet.

After lunch we played the orchestral part with conductor and also gave a concert at the end of the course. We played:
Dvořák, symphonic poem Holoubek (the Wood Dove) op. 110
Martinů, Sinfonietta la Jolla (soloist: Petra Matějová, piano)
Dvořák, Symphony nr. 5 in F major op. 76

In the evening all we fanatic amateurs play outside the course a lot of chambermusic. During the meals you try to from a chambermusicgroup and than tried to reserve one of the 18 rooms in the former monastery for an hour.
I manage to play with 2 pianists sonates from Vieuxtemps and 2 string quartets

With the above stringquartet I played Rosamunde and Tod und das Madchen from Schubert.
With another stringquartet I played the first 2 parts of string quartet "Aus Mein Leben" from Smetena.

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Wien, Prater, Mozartkugeln

August 15, 2006 03:57

I was in Wien for holiday and I saw the Musikverein, where you see the New Years concert of the Wiener Philharmoniker with a lot of Strauss music

and the Wiener Concert Haus.

We made a tour in the big wheel Prater

and in the exposition near that there was a cabin with flying violins like clouds.

Also I bought Mozartkugeln:

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Foto's of composers from Wien, Budapest + Robbie Williams

August 14, 2006 04:03

I discovered a lot of statues in Wien. In Budapest they had statues of Liszt and the unknown Frenz (Franz) Erkel, the composer of the national Hungarian anthem.
In Budapest I went to a concert of... Robbie Williams in the Puskas satdion.







Robbie Williams

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