May 2006

First serious violinlesson after 25 years

May 31, 2006 04:11

Yesterday I had my first serious violinlesson after 25 years. First I had lessons from 10-17 years and than I began to play in orchestra's. Between 1985-1990 I didn't play in a single orchestra, but after 1990 I played in 2 orchestra's every week, which has grown to 5 or 6 /half a year. My ambition is to play different programs and specially rare violinconcerto's or rare symfonies. I hate it to play a programm for the 2th or 3th time, also when the orchestra is better. But sometimes the amateurorchestra is so good that I can't play with then, because I was not good enough for their level.
For that reason I had 3 lessons for an audition, which failed, for an orchestra in 1995. In my first lesson now my theacher said that I had to press more with my right pointing-finger on my bow to get a better tone in the string.

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poledancer and electric violinist Rachel Grace

May 29, 2006 04:06

My bow was totall loss, so I bought a new one for 180 euro. Yesterday I played with Momoko Noguchi, 2th concertmaster from the Residentieorkest from The Hague the 5th violinconcerto of Mozart. Tomorrow my FIRST SERIOUS VIOLONLESSON AFTER 25!! YEARS (soon more), but from a friend I got a newspaper with some foto's of a Dutch poledancer and electric violinist Rachel Grace, who played with dance-dj's.

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again a broken bow. Total loss or total lost?

May 15, 2006 03:47

My bow of 220 euro/dollar was broken and was fixed for 60 euro with a piece of ebonywood fixed with glu. But during a rehearsal my deskfellow tichs with her bow against mine and again my bow was broeken. After my work I will go to the violinmaker/luthier. Do you think my bow is totall lost/lost? Wednesday and thursday I gave rehearsals and friday and sunday 2 concerts.
My old bow is too loose to play a good spiccato. I played last rehearsalweekend on it, but it plays terrible. The tension of the wood was gone, so I think I will buy a new bow of 200 euro and hope it will not break.

2 scans of my bow now, after the glu between the ebony and the bow didn't fix any more.

2 scans of my broken bow and with the fixed ebony by the violinmaker/luthier

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2th Bartok (Christiaan Lascae) in Den Haag, Myaskovsky violinconcerto (Repin) in Amsterdam, Romance Svendson (Elodie Mendels) in Bergeijk , Barber violinconcerto (Jurjen Soeting) in Bruton and Bath

May 9, 2006 03:57

last 10 days were busy.
On thursday 27 April I was on a concert of one of my amateurorchestra where the son of the 15 year leading conductor Alexandru Lascae was playing 2th Bartok (which we played earlier with this orchestra with Joris van Rijn)

friday 28 April I heard Vadim Repin playing the rare violinconcerto of Myaskovsky. I got his autograph and I gave him 11 rare violinconcerto (just like Joshua Bell he didnt know that'Ysaye had written a violinconcerto)and a Vieux Temps-beer, Saint-Sanes-wine and a Bach-wine. He must laugh about those names.

Saturday I played with Elodie Mendels the Romance of Svendson.

Next morning saturday 29 April up at 5.00 in a hotel for a trip through the Channeltunnel with my car for the first rehearsal in England in Bruton (under Bristol at the West-coast)at 14.00 hour. After a rehearsalweek we played the violinconcerto of Barber with Jurjen Soeting, a quartet-player from the Romeoing Quartet from Holland in Bruton and Bath.

Jurjen Soeting is the second from left
Sundayevening 7 May I came back after missing a channelboat with some foto's (later more) and 15 cans of English beer and cidre.

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