April 2006

New earplugs

April 27, 2006 03:53

After the orange earplugs from our machinefactory for the productionhall, I got from a -also Stradivarius playing- violinfriend earplugs from a shop, young people use in the disco with filters in it and 3 black scale. The black earplugs filters the sound as good as the orange. I always use them (execpt when a violinsoloist is playing with us)during studying with the orchestra and during the concert, specially for the sometimes hard sound of the horns behind me, as 2th violinist behind, and the sharp sound of the piccolo and other woodblowers behind me. I use them now both, but during a concert I use the black earplugs, because you don't see them well, because you can easy pull them inside your ears. The orange ones are more visible and are sticking out of my ears.

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April 24, 2006 03:52

Also I made on my non-digital old-fashioned camera some pictures of Heidelberg. Today they had the foto's in the druggist. Perhaps this was a good exercise for the moment Joshua Bell himself will visit Sydney in Heidelberg when he is in the neighboorhood, but perhaps he will ring her by phone first, which would be more normal. Perhaps I can sent the adress of Sydney to Leah, the manager of Joshua? Before that I made a foto near the old bridge in Heidelberg, where Sydney made a foto of Janine, who was on the posters near the bridge. Now I only got a aprilguide of Heidelberg with Janine's picture on it, which I held in my right hand (and in my left hand on the first foto). Her poster was removed, but there was a poster of the cellist Maisky who played in Heidelberg, just behind me, as you can see, the man with the beard and moustache. He played at the festival of Janine Jansen in Utrecht, Netherlands, between Christmas and new year.

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Busy violinconcertoweekend: Friday Sibelius v.c, Saturday Kachaturian v.c, Sunday Barber v.c AND I PLAYED ON A STRAD!! for the 1th time of my live

April 23, 2006 14:28

This was a busy weekend. Last friday I played with national competition winner Birthe Blom Sibelius violinconcerto (+Valse Triste Sibelius + 4th symf. of Nielsen) in a concert.
She is studing in Swiss with Pierre Amoyal who had a STRAD of 2 million euro. Because she had won the last 2-yearly national competition she had also a STRAD. A violinfriend of another orchestra told me that it was his wish ever to play in his live a STRAD, but he did not dare to ask that to Birthe. So I asked her after the concert: "Hello Birthe. This violinfriend of mine would like playing once in his life on a STRAD. Could he play on your instrument?"
I never thought my friend would make a chance, but without hesitating a second (and not knowing my friend) she said : "That is ok" and walked with us with her concertclothing on and her Strad on her back to the dressingroom for the conductor and her. And opened her violincase and gave the STRAD without saying to this friend: "Be carefull".
(Some time ago Janine Jansen was in a televisionshow and layed her STRAD on the table. A politician who was also interviewed took unasked her violin during that program and she paniced and said: Carefull, carefull, carefull!!)
My friend played some jazzy improvisations and I got the STRAD (a bit trembling) in my hands, taking it more carefull than my violin with the woodwormholes in it. I played an Irish reel or gig (folkmusic), the only piece I can play without notes in front of me and gave it back to her. My violinfriend also said that he was a bit nervous during playing on this special instrument. Of course Birthe can make a much bigger tone on that instrument, but I could not hear the differences.
Another Dutch violinist Isabelle van Keulen had sold her STRAD, because apart for the dark tone for the Shostakowitchconcerto's she does not hear the diffenrence between a new build good instrument or a STRAD. She has given some concerts with a new build instrument with dark varnish -so it looks old-, a STRAD and another instrument and let people guess what was the best instrument. She didn't told what instrument she played. Most people thought that the new instrument was the STRAD and choose THE NEW BUILD VIOLIN AS THE BEST INSTRUMENT and not the STRAD.

Bithe Blom
Next day a rehearsalday in Amsterdam 10.00-17.00 hour. Apart from 4th symf of Tsjaikovsky the violinconcerto of Khachaturian with another national competition winner Simone Lamsma, who is studying in England and won the international Benjamin Britten violincompetition.

Simone Lamsma
Saturdaynight I had a party of a friend who became 40 years.
Sunday 10-17.00 hours another rehearsalday were we played 4th symf. of Schumann and the violinconcerto of Barber (without soloist yet)
Sundayevening I had my normal sundayeveningorchestrarehearsal where we played Slavonic Dances of Dvorak.
But most impressive was this weekend playing for the first time in my live a STRADIVARIUS.

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Heidelberg, Sydney, Janine, 17-4-06

April 19, 2006 04:03

Hello. With a frind I made an Easter-tour through some German cities, like Keulen, Mains, Darmstadt, Koblenz and Heidelberg, the place where a blogger lives from violinist.com ,Sydney. I found out where she lives (more in her blog) in goyellow.de, but if she would not be at home I would put this violincard in her postbox. Strange world that internet. While there are woman in amateurorchestra's in my neighbourhood of marriable age I never talk to or don't know well, violinist.com could be a motivation for a visit to someone far away you normally would never meet. After the visit of Sydney, I went with a friend to a castle in Schwetzingen, after visiting the castle of Heidelberg. In the castle of Schwetzingen an orchestra was playing. The friend with whom I was said: Perhaps your young girlfriend is playing in this orchestra, but it was a professional orchestra of Keulen "das neue orchestra" www.musikforum2web.de In Heidelberg I bought a local chocolate, called Heidelberger studentskiss. Because I still don't have a digital photocamera it will take some time for my photo's of Heidelberg. In a hotel I found a guide of Heidelberg with... Janine on the front.

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No violinthings this time but volleyball

April 13, 2006 14:50

For me the violin is not a profession but a hobby. But there is more. We were 2th (of 4)in a volleyball competition and we won the last game against the overall winner with 26 against 22 points. The 4 teams were from our village of a machine factory (we) http://www.jvdberg.com , a bank, a timbergroup, and a websitecompany. I am on the left above in the groupfoto. On one foto I don't stand up right, perhaps I fear the volleyball a little bit.

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VIOLINCONCERTO OF YSAYE!! by Albrecht Breuninger

April 11, 2006 03:53

Earlier I got a non-commercial copy of Carlos Majlis, now the official cd with the posthumus violinconcerto of Eugene Yasaye is out on jpc.de

Ysaye, Eugene (1858-1931)
Werke f. Violine & Orchester
Poeme elegiaque op. 12;Chant d'hivers op. 15;Berceuse op. 20;
Les Neiges d'Anton op. 23;Violinkonzert;
Divertimento op. 24
Albrecht Laurent Breuninger, Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie,
Welisar Gentscheff
EUR 17,99
I have ordered the cd, so I can read all the backgroundinformation about this violinconcerto.

Albrecht Breuninger
Soon you can also order it on amazon.com,
Chant D'Hiver
More about this product
List Price: $16.98
Price: $16.98 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
Availability: This title will be released on April 18, 2006. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.
so we are waiting for a critical analysis of Scotch68.
Violinist Albrecht Breuninger was second in a Queen Elisabeth-competition in Brussel some years ago.
This was the non-commercial version I had before, but I didn't got comments on that entry.

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Pdf-mailinglist for rare violinconcerto's (last time because spam is forbidden by my provider) HUBAY4+ LIPINSKI op.26

April 7, 2006 04:07

PART 11 Why are these rare violinconcerto's never been played or seldom (and never) recorded?
This week soundfragments from the 4th violinconcerto of Jeno Hubay from Hagai Shaham (20-23) and Vilmos Szabadi (disc2 5-8) and the unrecorded piece for violin and orchestra of Lipinski op.26.
Best wishes Bram Heemskerk www.violinist.com/blog/jenohubay
Jeno Hubay: Violin Concerto No. 3; Violin Concerto No. 4; Variations sur un thème hongrois

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Pdf-mailinglist for rare violinconcerto's (last time because spam is forbidden by my provider) PAGANINI1+ ERNST

April 7, 2006 04:03

PART 10 Why are these rare violinconcerto's never been played or seldom (and never) recorded?
This week sheetmusic and soundfragments (Disc3 number 1,2,3) from the 4th violinconcerto’s of PAGANINI. Personally I think the slow second part of the 4th PAGANINI is the best slow part of violinconcerto ever written. And the violinconcerto op.23 of Heinrich Willem Ernst for violin and orchestra (Disc2 part1 from Aaron Rosand).
Best wishes Bram Heemskerk www.violinist.com/blog/jenohubay
Paganini: Violin Concertos

Aaron Rosand Plays Joachim, Hubay, Enesco, Ernst, Godard, Lehar, Ysaye, & Wieniawski

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270 km travelling in the evening every week for Romance of Johan S. Svendsen

April 2, 2006 11:19

It is my aim to play as much violinconcerto's and pieces for violin and orchestra in my live. For that reason I am playing in an amateurorchestra which is 135 km from where I live. This means 1 1/2 hour (with normal speed)travel to be there and after the rehearsal 1 1/2 hours back in the evening during the week. The soloist is Elodie Mendels, who is studying medicine and studying at the Maastricht conservatory, the city in the south of the Netherlands where Andre Rieu lives. Here the flyer and some pictures from google from Elodie Mendels.

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