October 2006

3 x tears in my eyes during slow movement 2th violinconcerto of Vieuxtemps in Verviers

October 24, 2006 04:22

Last saturday 21 oktober I was with my parents on the 30th concours prix de Vieuxtemps in Verviers. In the first round the 8 candidates had to play a sonate and partita from Bach solo and with piano the 2th violinconcerto of Henry Vieuxtemps. % candidates plays from 9.30 till 13.00 and 3 candidates from 15.00 till about 17.00. During the piano part from the first to the second movements I got 3 times tears in my eyes from this beautiful, but seldom played music. Why? Because I knew the music so good from the cd? Or because I was so happy to hear it life for the first time of my life, although it was only with piano. Or because I heard it, 8 times for probably the last time in my life. Or because of the high quality of playing and the sweet melodies of this music?

After this 1th round in the beautiful small hall/canteen of the Grand-Theatre, built in 1891 (after the death of Vieuxtemps), there were 4 people who had to fell of, always a bit painful for the candidates. With my parents I was looking for this statue of Vieuxtemps, during that break and we easily found it in the roundabout of the Vieuxtemps square.

I run back to hear the 4 finalists. One of them had a long conversation with someone of the jury and waiting for half an hour I gave him a bottle Vieuxtempsbeer and said: Prix Vieuxtemps. He must laugh about it even after his heavy disappointment not reaching the finals that evening (oke, my joke is funny, he said modest). Also another quite corpulate Japanese candidate (all candidates must have studied 1 year at an Belgian conservatory), who did not reach the final, and who could not play her programm of the 1th round of the Elisabeth competition because the jry rang the bell and said: "you may leave", I gave a Vieuxtempsbeer.
The final was in the beautiful main hall of the Grand Theatre, which lokks the same as the hall in the Conservatory of Brussel for the 1th round and semi's of the Elisabethcompetition. Both much more beautiful than the ugly concrete hall of the Joseph Joachim competition in Hannover. They had to play a part (with piano again) of a romantic violinconcerto of free choice. 1 time Shos1 , 3 times Tsjaikovsky. Even my parents were irritated because everybody play this too well known piece, you (both) also hear too much during the Elisabeth competition. Also they had to play a sonate of Vieuxtemps. onece that was Reverie op.22, I also had played on violinlessons and once Fantasia Appassionata,opus 35 and a unknown piece of Vieuxtemps for me.
These were the results:
1th)Hrachya Avanesyan, 20, Armenia
2th)Caroline Poncelet, 24, Belgium
3th)Weronika Godlewska, 23, Poland
4th)Vincent Hepp, 26, Belgium

first round players:
Elisabeth Deletaille, 29, Belgium
Marie Gabriel, 23, Belgium
Naoko Matsui, 27, Japan
Emilio Mecenero, 20, France

The results are still not on the website of the competition www.vieuxtemps.be
The finalists also got a Vieuxtempsbeer, which is also on this T-shirt I was wearing

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Julia Fischer plays violinconcerto of Lorin Maazel

October 20, 2006 04:00

Last monday I saw a concert of Julia Fischer, a violinist.com member, who plays the violinconcerto of Lorin Maazel, a well known conductor with conductior Yakov Kreizberg and the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra.

It was a modern piece. My violinfriend specially like the last and slow movement. There was a lot of strange percussion and a Sintiinstrument a cymbal, with someone hammering on strings, you seldom or never see in the concerthall. As encore Julia plays a well known piece of a sonate or partita of Bach, from a totally different period than the modern violinconcerto. My violinfriend says that Julia plays perfect. I am not so interested in perfection but more in rarities, which she plays. The Concerthall (Concertgebouw, Amsterdam) was nearly sold out and it was sold out when she plays the same piece that saturday and sunday when she plays the well known Mendelssohn. After the break the 4th Bruckner (I played that piece twice with 2 amateurorchestra's) and someone of the orchestra, who had make an exhibition about Bruckner near the wardrobe, told that Julia had choosen this piece of Maazel, but for touring with the orchestra they would play Bruch1 and Mendelssohn in e, because "you could not play a rare piece on tour?".
As usual I tried to give the soloist my 10 rare violinconcerto's and my Bach-wine, Saint-Saens-wine, Vieux Temps=beer, Janacek-beer, but I was not on a list, so I could not meet her personally, like other soloists like Maxim Vengerov, Janine Jansen, Hilary Hahn, Nikolaj Znaider, Vadim Repin, etc, because she had problems with a stalker, poor Julia, so I gave my presents for her to the porter, who would give it to her producer, who knows her hotel. The batteries of my photocamera were empty, but I could not use the camera after the concert and of course it is forbidden to make photo's during the concert. So I hope Julia or FMF, Frank Michael have received my presents and will get new inspiration from this music.
Wednesday I took a midday free to make some copies in Brussel of rare pieces of Emile Sauret, like a piece for soloviolin, for violin/piano and a violinconcerto of this obscure composer.

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New cd Janine Jansen Bruch1/Mendelssohn in e

October 12, 2006 03:41

Tomorrow is the release of the new cd of Janine Jansen. She plays the Bruch1/Mendelssohn in e violinconcerto's and Romance for viola of Mendelssohn with the Gewandhausorchester and conductor Riccardo Chailly . Her aim is again to score gold = 15.000 cd's, like her 1th cd and her 4seasons-cd. Now only her shoulder is naked.

Let me guess: next cd : Tsjaikovsky violinconcerto + Lieu Cher; than Brahms violinconcerto; than Beethoven violinconcerto + 2 BeethovenRomances; than 3thSiant-Sanes + Lalo Symf. Espagnole:......than Britten + 2th violinconcerto of ShostakoWitz. Witz, joke. Of course not the last. Too obscure. It won't sell over 15.000.

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Hannover violincompetition

October 11, 2006 04:05

Last saturday I drove 4 hours to Hannover for the international Hannover violincompetition semifinals.

On the website http://www.violin-wettbewerb.de/de/violinwettbewerb/ stoot: semifinals 7 oktober (midday) and AM. First I saw Simone Lamsma walking in Hannover, but she had not reached the semi's, I had read one the website, and after finding a parkingplace In Hannover I walked to the concerthall at 14.05. I was too late.... The last candidate (Celeste Golden) of that day played on a screen in the hall. But all candidates had played between 10.00 till 14.30. Silly me and silly website. It was not clear on the website, but my mail about that later had not changed anything. At 14.30 a lot of people came out of the ugly concrete hall, where a statue of Joseph Joachim stoot. The candidates in the semi's had to play Romance op.2 Nr.1 of Joseph Joachim, but you can also hear that piece on the website:
They also have like in Indianapolis video's of all the concerts of the candidates
Now I see that Celeste Golden, who also was playing in Indianapolis is not in the finals. Competitions are lotteries and golftournaments, with different winners.
But 21 oktober the next and much smaller violincompetition in Verviers http://www.vieuxtemps.be with my parents and the 10 candidates have to play the 2th violinconcerto of Henri Vieuxtemps (with piano). The winner only gets 2500 euro, 2th and 3th 1250 4th 650 euro, but you win for the honour and not the money like in Hannover: first price 30.000 euro, 2th price 20.000, 3th price 10.000
The finalists are:
Fanny Clamagirand
Nikita Borisoglebskiy
Zhijiong Wang
Suyoen Kim
Hyun-Su Shin
Kana Shugimura
After my short visit to Hannover I drove 4 hours back to Holland.
I know from this Hannovercompetition from one of the discussions on violinist.com : http://www.violinist.com/discussion/response.cfm?ID=9865
Ihope to get one day the 1th violinconcerto of Joseph Joachim on cd. The 2th and 3th I have already.

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Violincard 25 from Pauline

October 6, 2006 03:40

Thanks Pauline for your card. Again a new one for me.

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Janine in Utrecht Conservatory and Simone Lamsma in Hannovercompetition

October 5, 2006 03:45

Last sunday I played Dvorák, symphonic poem Holoubek (the Wood Dove) op. 110
Martinu, Sinfonietta la Jolla,
Dvorák, Symphony nr. 5 in F major op. 76
. It was the orchestra La Pellegrina http://www.pellegrina.net from Bechyne, Czech Republic and we played in the conservatory of Utrecht, the place where Janine Jansen have had lessons from Philipp Hirschhorn. And there I saw this foto of her on the wall of the concerthall where we played, so I made a copy of it and on my work a scan:

Janine don't like competitions, she only compete on the national competition when she was 15 (and become 3th at that age).
After Indianapolis Simone Lamsma competes again in Hannover:

Archive link

Violincompetition for the '2006 Henri Vieuxtemps Prize' in Verviers Belgium on Saturday 21 October www.vieuxtemps.be

October 3, 2006 03:50

As Darcy Lewis told us (I sent her information about it) in Violin News & Gossip, Op. 2, No. 64
there is a violincompetition in Verviers Belgium. Their website is www.vieuxtemps.be On 9.30 and 14.00 on saturday 21 oktobre 2006 in the Big Theatre in Verviers, Belgium, the 10 candidates for the "2006 Henri Vieuxtemps Prize" have to play the 2th violinconcerto of Henri Vieuxtemps with piano. The final is that same day from 20.00 till 23.30 . It is a small competition compared with the Elisabeth competetion with 133 candidates, 24 in the semi's with Mozart and chamber orchestra and 12 finalists with a big symfhony orchestra and a free choice violinconcerto (so that is much better than a compulsory standardviolinconcert like in Indianapolis). In Verviers the 2th violinconcerto of Vieuxtemps is also compulsory, but nobody knows it, like a new composed compulsory modern work for a violincompetition.
I have played 3th Siant-Sanes and Lalo Symf. Espagnole with a former winner of this competition in 1990 Pei Pei Zhu, now playing first violin at first or second desk in the Residentie orchestra The Hague Holland http://www.residentieorkest.nl/ro/index-orkestleden.htm

The big Theatre (grand Theatre) in Verviers

Darcy Lewis is positive about the jury, here a copy from her blog from 21 sept.:

Violin News & Gossip, Op. 2, No. 64
Published: Sep. 21, 2006 at 3:03 AM
Now that we’ve all basked in the incomparable playing of the Indianapolis competitors, it’s time to shift attention to the competitors for the 2006 Henri Vieuxtemps Prize. The finals will be held October 21.
Hrachya Avanesyan, 20, Armenia
Camille Babut du Mares, 20, Belgium
Elisabeth Deletaille, 29, Belgium
Céline Di Fabio, 23, Belgium
Marie Gabriel, 23, Belgium
Weronika Godlewska, 23, Poland
Vincent Hepp, 26, Belgium
Naoko Matsui, 27, Japan
Emilio Mecenero, 20, France
Caroline Poncelet, 24, Belgium
And here is some commentary regarding the judging rules: “The regulations stipulate: Persons, who have a family connection or relationship by marriage from the 1st to 6th degree with a competitor or who have made an essential contribution to the latter’s violin studies are not allowed to be members of the Panel of Judges. The Committee has sovereign authority to appreciate whether or not a person has made an essential contribution to a candidate’s musical learning."
The 2006 Judges are Georges Octors (President), Richard Pieta, Gaby Altmann, Jean-Paul Edgard Lochet and Tomiko Shida.

Statue of Henri Vieuxtemps in Verviers
See you on 21 oktobre in Verviers

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