July 2005

July 24, 2005 15:15

I haven’t play violin for the last month since my last amateurconcert. Normally I never practise as an amateur with my 5 orchestra’s a week, only for one good one, so why should I play? Perhaps it would be good to take some violinlessons after 23 years of not seriously having violinlessons. But I don’t think I would have enough time for that, because with a job and 5 orchestra’s every week there is not much time left and I don’t like to play in only 4 or 3 orchestra’s in a week. My Ding was 2 months ago so old that the iron got of the string and he lowered in tone. But someone else had a new Ding. After 10 years it is perhaps better to put a new set of 4 strings on my violin. Half a year ago I had a wood-worm in my violin and he had eaten a lot said a Dutch national violincompetition winner. He had never seen something like that. The violinbuilder had put some resin in the holes and canals, so you can also put some resin in your violin instead of on your bow. My bow had lost a lot of hair so I bought a new one. That was cheaper, said the violinbuilder.
Now I have more time to go to concerts. I was for example at the Dutch national violin competition in the public and that!! was a great show. Former laureates with a scarf of miss Holland with the year they were laureates or a cummer bund (for the boys) around their still slender bellies with the year on it. Big Show. Much better than at the Queen Elisabeth. There you had to wait for 2 long lasting hours before you know the new price winners. I also went to a concert in the open air of André Rieu who gave a big show with a big audience. He played the Seranata of Tocelli, a piece I hadn’t heard for 30 years. My grandfather, who didn’t understand Mozart, liked it and a cousin of 10 played it for him when he was married 50 years.

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July 10, 2005 06:22

On the violin discussion site about repertoire “Repertoire suggestions for Sophomore year” I copied my long list of violinconcerto’s and never recorded violinconcerto’s, which is also on my blog http://www.violinist.com/blog/jenohubay down below and I got a reaction of Pieter Viljoen. But another violinconcertocollector Carlos Majlis wrote on another repertoire violin discussion “Myaskovsky’s violin concerto…thoughts?” also a list with beautiful rare violinconcerto’s. Also they write about Mahler violinconcerto and 2 never published violinconcerto’s of Wieniawski, next to the 2 well known violinconcerto’s.
Yesterday I was at a chamberconcert and I meet a violoncelloplayer Paul Uyterlinde in the public, now first violoncelloplayer from a regional Dutch professional orchestra Brabants Orkest http://www.brabantsorkest.nl who had played in 1991 in Oxford and Cambridge when we were touring with an amateurorchestra. He knew the violioncelloconcerto’s of Britten , Vieuxtemps 1,2 Shostakovitsj 1,2 and the violionconcerto of Gustaf Bengtsson, who also wrote a violinconcerto. I was astonished about his repertoireknowledge and specially that he know Bengtsson violoncelloconcerto, compared to many violinists. But O.K. there has been written much more violinconcerto’s than violoncelloconcerto’s, so violinists have more work to do.

"Repertoire Suggestions for Sophomore Year?"
What's next for this college student?
Cd83) Max Reger violinconcerto op.101 by Walter Forchert, Koch Schwann 311 186
Cd 84) F.Kreisler violinconcerto by Fritz Kreisler MG Music, disc 11, 09026 61649 2
Cd 85) Ernest Bloch violinconcerto by Oleh Krysa, BIS-CD-639

From Pieter Viljoen
Posted on July 5, 2005 at 12:29 AM (MST)
Bram, your zealot like crusade in the realm of new repertoire is very heartening, but the manner in which you express is less than honourable. Stop being such a snob.
I'm sure his teacher knows plenty about music, and that their "poor" knowledge of repertoire is good enough for the people who respect his/her knowledge enough to entrust their violin learning process to them for 4 years.

"Myaskovsky's violin concerto ... thoughts?"
discussion about Myaskovsky's violin concerto, specifically, recordings, sheet music availability, and other background.

From Scott 68
Posted on July 8, 2005 at 9:25 AM (MST)
i think its an incredible concerto that should be more well known and played
i love repin and oistrakh recordings
repin really has a wonderful sound
From carlos majlis
Posted on July 8, 2005 at 3:10 PM (MST)
Scott, my friend: there are dozens of great works that very few know or recorded ,and almost nobody plays live,besides Miaskowsky. Like:
Taktakishvili first v.c.
Hubay all 4
Lipinski any of them
Suk Fantasy
Taneyev suite
Rakov first v.c
Joan Manen
Lalo the 2 concertos
Vieuxtems 2,3,6 and 7
Ysaye 8th
and many,many more
From Julie C.
Posted on July 8, 2005 at 7:41 PM (MST)
Speaking of rare concertos, do any of you have information on the Gustav Mahler violin concerto?

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