December 2005

1th Celloconcerto from Henri Vieuxtemps op.46

December 16, 2005 04:43

Yesterday I got the orchestramusic of the second violin from the 1th Celloconcerto from Henri Vieuxtemps op.46. We gonna play this piece on 1 april 2006. From a cd booklet of violinist Alexander Markov who played Vieuxtemps 2th, 4th and 5th violinconcerto's with a foto of the composer Henri Vieuxtemps and the lit and the papers of a bottle Belgian Vieux Temps-beer, I made this T-shirt:

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From the concert of life Sempre Crescendo has the program.

December 14, 2005 04:42

This grey T-shirt is from my student orchestra. Because of that color the scan is rather vague. It is from a gala in full dress with the theme “Conquest of paradise”. On the frontside the slogan is: From the concert of life Sempre Crescendo has the program. Normally the expression is: “From the concert of life nobody has the program.” It means: nobody knows how your life is going. So funny expression, I thought.

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December 12, 2005 05:00

These are 2 scans of t-shirts of amateurorchestra's I was on tour in Prague and in France, some years ago.
I didn't had time to add text to this entry, because on my work only in our lunchbreak from 12.30 till 13.00 (5.00 am on the timescale)hours I can read and after 13.00 and before 12.30 is blocked (because it had nothing to do with my work). So the first thing I do everyday on 12.30 is going to one of my favorite websites:

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Poeme from Ernest Chausson

December 9, 2005 04:41

Yesterday I played again Ernest Chausson with soloist. This weekend is the concert. The highpoint is when the soloist played the high note of the soloist in bar 96. Here is a part of the first page of the second violin:

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Autograph on cd (part4) Joshua Bell

December 6, 2005 04:49

A violinfriend who visitised a concert of Joshua Bell in the Concertgebouw some years ago –Joshua played Barber- got a autograph on a cd. He made a colorcopy for my and I found it again and made a scan on my work specially for Syndey Menees and because I have a serie of cd’s with autograpfhs on it.
With a amateurorchestra we gonna play this weekend Poeme of Chausson which is on this cd. I have heard this piece several times from this cd and the climax of this piece is the high note with orchestra after about 50 bars. I think Joshua could have used still more bow to get a bigger tone of that climax note. The piece has a difficult orchestration, much more difficult than the 2th violin in the violinconcerto of Beethoven, where only the last 2 bars give some light problems. Further on that cd is a piece of Ysaye of Saint-Saens, I like apart of some other well known short ieces. Talking about the 5th Mozart, Sydney. With an other amateurorchestra (also like the Poeme Chausson-orchestra on Thursday) the conductor and orchestracommittee cancelled the concert for the 5th Mozart because we as orchestra played to bad for our national competition winner soloist. But after 2 years we gonna try to play with him Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen, also on this early Joshua-cd.

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Janine Jansen

December 5, 2005 04:58

Although I don’t try to get Janine Jansen to a tv-show, like a sort of Dutch Oprah Winfry (they sent all Oprah’s shows often on Dutch television) I sent her and 17 other violinists with the name Santa with a Santa poem the cd of Ysaye with the violinconcerto of Ysaye (see last entry). I think most violinists (most of them I have played violinconcerto’s with amateurorchestra’s) will realize that I was behind it and that I was Santa. This day a colleague said: I found some pictures of “your sweetheart”. I have some scans of them. Isn’t she lovely? Xxx. Perhaps next concert of her I can give the flowers and kisses (perhaps you can manage the same with Joshua Bell, Sydney Menees?)But she has already a friend, Julian Rachlin, who is a good professional violinplayer (I am a poor violinist), and I am bad in soaking off and I don’t like to stoke/disturb in a good marriage/relation. But it is always a pleasure to see/hear her.
But being a professional violinsoloist is looking glamorous, but is very lonely. She is alone in her hotelroom in FarawayStan (derived from AfghaniStan) like Perth and is eating alone in a restaurant there. If you play in a group of people in a professional orchestra that’s more social. Or like me playing in 5 amateurorchestra’s (without any professional contract) and having a a job with colleagues is more social, than studying difficult notes on your own as international violinsoloist and travelling around the world.

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