March 2007

recording bliss

March 12, 2007 12:03

I did a complete reboot of my computer. Wiped it empty and re-installed Windows. I am so excited now, after the first three days of frantic and frustrated re-programing of software and checking hardware....because my recording equipment and programs and plugins are working now! For the last three years or so they have been buggy. Not lining up and loosing time and making clicky sounds. So I recorded a few of my original quartets last night....and it was so easy! I recorded the tracks and they were in the right place without having to cut and past beats and do massive editing!!! I'm really excited now about recording more. I have 12 full quartets to my name and want to get decent recordings of them all. My new project. I have to do the cello part on the viola, arrange a "viola2" part. SOmetimes I leave it in regester, and sometimes I drop it the octave after recording it, and it has a kind of cello-istic timbre. But that kind of makes the vibrato weird and the smootheness ofsound is lost. Anyhow. I think I might post my chaconne. It is for two violins and two violas....

Having a fun day,

hmm. I'm going to try something with the cello part. I'll post it later :)

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The Impossible C (sea?)

March 9, 2007 08:24

Well....suiting up for another symphony weekend. As much as I complain, you know I love it :). I worked like crazy on contact point last night, trying to get the Liszt first and last page to a point where I'll not be embarrassed...and intonation for the slurred arpeggios. Even had some time left over to work on teh Mozart duo. A friend and I are going to play it together, maybe regularly, I don't know. We're meeting to try it out on the 15th, though. I feel like my viola is sloppy again. I changed out the C string and it was worse, and so put the original string back on (Obligato). I tried different things with my posture and bow arm and I just think that the MAJOR climate change in the recent month has messed with my viola. It is like the difference between playing waves of sound (a,d,g) and then beaching up on the gritty, dull sand (c).

THe glue is coming off of my crack on teh violin, so it is plausable. I will have to take them both into the shop on Monday. I'm hoping that with a clean fresh set up on the viola, the C string won't be so impossible. I want to make a good impression on her with my viola skills.... :). (Mozart K.V.423).

Happy weekending, all! I'm packing my food. Staying an extra day than usual because my mom is coming with me (the concert should be good) and unlike me, she doesn't wish to drive home after the concert, arriving home around 1 a.m. :0.


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Liszt and Tapioca

March 7, 2007 16:53

This weekend was SO exhausting. Lots of rehearsals and playing and driving. I'm just now starting to recouperate and exit the "fog" of total mental and physical run-down. In order to prepare well for the coming weekend.

I'm trying to nail Liszt's Les Preludes symphonic poem no.3 and Sibelius's "Tapiola" aka tapioca...
The liszt is proving to be a real pain. The arpeggios that go on FOREVER with awkward changes and fingerings are one section of screaming frustration, also trying to get the bow to keep a good bounce that LONG!!! as well as play the right notes and in tune. Hello second position, how are you doing?
Then there is the section on pg.5 that I can't really find a good fingering for....and the bowings are pulling my brains out my ears.

We took a walk in the woods across the street, exploring today. I'm glad we did that, it is helping with the afternoon, if that makes sense.

This past weekend we played with the concerto competition winners. The violinist played Tchaik first movement. We all wanted to throw our instruments in the river by the concert hall. She was AMAZING!!! Sometimes it is hard, though, to hear a young person play so well. Part of me remembers the zeal of being that age, and the intensity and hope everything had in it. Compared with the way I approach music now, it is so different. It took me a whole day to recover and realize that I'm not unhappy with where I am, what I do, and how I do it. I don't profess to be a virtuoso soloist, and I don't wish to be one. I work very hard at being an orchestral player, and that is what I've wanted to do with my life....I'm doing it. So, there's nothing to be dissappointed about.

Do we all have those doubts, though?
Back to liszt and tapioca.


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