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jennifer steinfeldt  warren

June 14, 2005 at 3:57 AM

It is amazing how the day flies by and then it is night and I'm finally ready to really work on violin stuff. I am such a nightsoul, too bad my neighbors...actually come to think of it, they are noisy, so maybe I should deshroud my bridge of the mute and challenge them. Hm. I did manage to get some, I assume, good work in on Schradieck and Bruch 3rd mvt. before I realized it was 10, though. I'm working on getting my fingers....totally...and...completely....even. Have you ever put the metronome on to one of the highest settings so that you can play to the 8th note and still play fast and then stopped playing and listened to just how funny it sounds in a quiet room? Or is it just me....
I've decided that there is something fundamentally wrong with not having a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate or something sitting on the dresser during a practice session. I usually think of it as a comfort and somehow it motivates me in an atmospherical way ??? to practice. LIke, it puts me in the mood just to have it there. I don't even hardly remember to drink any of it except maybe when I stop to write comments in my practice journal or to switch music and I'm like "oh yea, I need that". But today I scrambled in there to practice without it and after about five seconds I wondered where it was and why it felt so wrong? I guess I need a lot of "comforts" to get things done. It is almost like a ritualistic existance actually. I am a very scheduled person in a random scattered way. Each week changes, but the events are all very articulated. Practicing is not exempt. I love it! What am I going to do when I am forced to get a real job and can't play around so much making practice schedules and notes and reading websites (he he) and practicing and, um, ah, labeling my music and stamping it and organizing it and playing it. I like to pretend I am sometimes striking "the thinker" pose, hand to chin, ardently contemplating the philosophies of life and music and existance...and then I realize my mouth is open and I'm slouched over in a blank stare at the wall thinking about brushing my teeth.
But we all like to have images of ourselves to delude us of our time management. Hey, maybe there isn't a thing wrong with wasting time blanking out and wandering to thoughts of brushing your teeth. Plus, I have a kitty cat. She definately is worth allotting about five hours a day to.
Wow. I'm rambling. Case in point...practice break is now concluded and back to, hm, scheduled Bach, but I think maybe the Bruch is not finished for today yet. I have to come to terms with the fact that I must learn the sections I hate in order to be allowed to play the ones I like....
From Jonathan Stuchell
Posted on June 14, 2005 at 8:12 PM
Remember that good movie 'Shine' about the pianist David Helfgott? He likes coffee and tea I guess.
I think my Bruch #1 will be in the mail tomorrow - I cant wait!

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