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jennifer steinfeldt  warren

May 25, 2005 at 7:19 PM

Today is hard. I'm not quite sure why, but it is kind of a gut thing. Like, being so stressed and worried about things, including getting sick, that you make yourself sick. So I'm telling myself that I will have a bright future and things will work out when the time comes. It works for about three seconds. Anyway. Getting out of the house woke me up a little bit. Or calmed me down. Hard to tell sometimes if the feeling is being really wound up and high strung, or being down. Feels about the same. Anyhow. My husband and I were really excited about an idea that looked quite promising. I could play in the symphonies and at the same time start tuning pianos. My father does that, except he rebuilds them as well. Anyhow. I've also applied to school again to get my teaching licensure. But I don't have any money, so if I loose my SS benefits, I can't go to school. Unless I want to take out massive student loans. As for the piano tuning, I've emailed some technicians in the area to see if they will take me on as an apprentice because that seems like the only way to get started. The tools don't seem to expensive, and I think it is something I'd be really good at. And be happy doing. And be able to keep serious and hardcore with the violin at the same time. And not go crazy. That is an important one...he he. I also am having trouble getting a passport. If I could get a passport then maybe there would be the possibility of having my father teach me. He lives in Canada. But it is proving a real pain to get the proper identification. I'd have no issues getting a Canadian passport, but the US is harder because certain documents have are just not available to me easily. I am a dual citizen, or US born abroad to a US parent. Maybe we should just move to Canada. THey have socialized health care, right. Man, I'm rambling and this isn't really violin related. I'm working well on the music I've chosen, though. Which is extensive. Having a hard time focusing on just a few pieces, but actually am progressing well on all of them except for maybe the Dvorak. I get it sounding alright, but then when I do it the next time it isn't so hot. The beginning really does me in. Sort of like the Beethoven, which ended up being alright. I got my recording of the Grad. recital yesterday. I can't decide what I think of it so far. Anyway. Signing out.
P.S. if anyone just happens to know anyone around the Nashville area who might be able to help out in the piano tuning area, let me know!!
From Emily Grossman
Posted on May 26, 2005 at 8:01 AM
Boy, Jennifer, I could have written that first part about how you were feeling today myself. I totally relate to that sensation. You're right, it'll all come together just fine.
From Pauline Lerner
Posted on May 27, 2005 at 3:38 AM
Me, too. Your first few sentences describe my feelings exactly. Becoming a piano tuner sounds like a great idea. Go for it!

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