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jennifer steinfeldt  warren

April 28, 2005 at 2:54 PM

Hi guys. I ordered (paid money)...a cd for the first time in, well, YEARS as a treat for graduating. I have become accustomed to the full privaleges of being a grad. student. I used the system to check music from other libraries, our library, and of course I have public library cards for here and the surrounding counties. Add friends and teachers on top of that. Add peer to peer filesharing networks...and I have not had to actually buy music. I have over 3500 pieces of music on my computer of all differing styles and quality. Anyhow. So I wanted the Shosty 2 concerto. It is amazingly difficult to research and hear because it is grandstanded all the way by his first concerto. I ordered a cd that had both concertos on it...I am learning no.2. I guess I didn't look carefully enough. It said "Oistrakh and Tomasek". I assumed that was the soloist/conductor duo. Nope. I hope Tomasek isn't someone revered and especially not anywhere near my words because I have to say that I was really upset when I popped the CD in. I didn't care so much that it wasn't Oistrakh like I thought it would be. I was upset that he butchered the whole thing so badly. Mostly because there were bad flaws in his technique that grate on my nerves. You could hear a swell with every single bow could hear all the was live and unedited I am assuming because there were missed notes and the pizzicato and had the worst tone and sometimes he missed the second 8th note making it seem like quarter notes. THere were passages that went too fast for him to play well and as a result you can't tell the notes...the fingers kind of blubber and on top of that, his bow is all crunchy. Now, I understand that there is a certain kind of stylistic aggressiveness to playing Shostakovich. But this wasn't it. And the held notes were sometimes very unsteady. And the vibrato was all the same speed. He used vibrato all the time. Plus, the recording quality isn't so hot. I remember now why I stopped spending money on cds. It is a risk and I'm so often dissappointed. Oh, and everytime there were double stop 16th passages, he took off like wildfire. Lots of instances where he was not with the orchestra. He'd get back on, but it seemed kind of like technical rubato and unintentional rushing. Well. I've complained enough about that. I've been up all night. With the rising of the sun I threw on my jogging clothes and went for a run. It was chilly and the dew was still out. I forgot how refreshing a morning run can be. I had to stop and walk a lot and when I got home, the cold air had made my stomach hurt. But it was worth it all the way!!! Time to get ready to go.
I might have a job with the state department of human services. I'm excited about that, though somewhat confused because that would mean that my main source of income would be nonmusically related. I'd still play in the symphonies on the weekend and nothing is stopping me from preparing recitals and doing all the same things. It is just that I am so gung ho about it instead of dissappointed like I kind of feel I should be???? Right now I think the prospect of not being poverty stricken and having a job that doesn't involve wearing a corporation t-shirt and taking people's orders is overshadowing my worries about what field pays for my comforts. Well.
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