April 2006

In Easter Holidays

April 17, 2006 01:28

Hi everybody,

I'm sorry that I've been reading a lot of interesting entries these days and not answering much.
I was looking forward to write Colleen how scary that thing with the tornado was. I've never seen one of those "crawl spaces" in Europe, don't know if it's good or not, the thing is I've never needed one. My only experience with tornados is watching Dorothy's house being blown away in "the wizard of Oz" and that other movie "Twister" but honestly, I prefer the first one.

Regarding music not much new, unfortunately. No concerts, no classes due to easter holidays... (don't like holidays :( ), but I got myself Michael Haydn's organ/viola concerto with Tabea Zimmermann (I had the opportunity to listen to her playing in Frankfurt and she's absolutelly amazing) and i find it Great. Because of the holidays I could practice A LOT, something like 3 hours/day average, but that isn't something I can do in working days, ...and I started running again! :D. I'm very excited about that because it was already one and a half months since last time. My previous teacher used to say sports are very good for musicians and I think she's totally right. I'm already thinking about my entry in v.com after the marathon in Leipzig :)

For those of you who asked me to send some pictures, I spent some time yesterday making a gallery with some of my personal favourites. I wanted it to be restricted to my time in Austria (the last 7 months), but I had to surrender and add one from a city I love and miss so much, Paris, the wonderful Concertgebow in Amsterdam, and some from a nice hike I did with two friends along the river "Neckar" from Heidelberg to Stuttgart. I hope you like it. I have to thank Pauline who gave me the idea of creating a flickr account.

Here is the gallery, and here you have it as slideshow

Of course I know about the risk of seing my face in another body with a cow mask on it, but I will accept it as long as I can share a bit of the beauty of those moments with some of you.

I also wish everybody a beautiful spring and a lot of practice!

BTW, in flickr.com there is an option, everytime you add some html stuff to your gallery, to preview your entry. That could be a great thing to have in v.com. Robert, is it possible to get it or is it too hard? It's just an idea...

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missing link

April 14, 2006 12:00


didn't work before... don't ask me why! lol

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Beethoven, Dvorak and a nice austrian WebSite

April 14, 2006 11:55

Hi Everybody,

I just left the violin on it's box and I'm about to prepare dinner.

Bethoven 1st is hard. I don't know if I'll manage to play the Trio at the end of the Menuetto or if I will just play ppp and try not to disturb much (yes, I'm ashamed).
I wanted to keep orchestra and classes apart from each other, but this time I'll have to ask Iris for help.
I don't seem to be making too much progress with the Dvorak Sonatine either. Ah! how i'd like to have someone to play the piano part! Then it would be so much easier and so much funnier.

I'm listening Beethoven's third symphony now. I had never realized that there is such a beautiful Fuge at the beginning of the Finale. The whole movement is amazing!
I've just read it's a "Fugato".
It's so beautiful that I've had to listen to it a second and a third time.
This web-page is VERY interesting. They split each movement and explain what is being played, and there are music files so that one can listen to the part that's being explained.
There are some other compositions, you'll have to look for them

I think I'm going for dinner now.
I wish you a nice weekend! For me there's playing, thesis and hopefully running! Yesterday we had blood donations but on Sunday I have no excuse. Lepzig-Halle waits for me on September 3rd :)

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Grbavica, Mepris, Ljubljana

April 6, 2006 13:07


this is the end of a sad week.

Saturday I was in Klagenfurt (the capital of the state) which is 25 min. away from Villach, twice as big and a little less boring.
Ice skating was fun, though I was alone most of the time (the weather was too nice). After skating I went to the Volkskino ("people's cinema"). Grbavica won the golden bear in Berlin this year. It's the story of a bosnian girl who grows up thinking that her father was a war hero and discovers that her mother was raped in a POW camp.
Absolutely worth watching!
I also got le mepris two days ago and I can't get the film out of my head, it's just amazing! The soundtrack is one of the best I've ever listened to!

It was monday and tuesday that were sad. Maybe I was tired, maybe there's something missing in my diet...

...or maybe I should leave Villach!!
I've decided to search a new location in Ljubljana as soon as I finish writing my thesis. I don't care about the time, the troubles and the money that it will cost me moving again after just 7 months in Austria. Ljubljana is a wonderful city and Villach is simply too small and too boring.
...and I guess nobody in Librilla (the village were I come from) speaks slovenian ;)
Besides, it's near enough. I can drive everyday.

Tuesday it was Britten and Bach with the chamber orchestra. I played in the first row again (two girls who play in front of me don't need to come everytime). I played fine, I think, but maybe I should ask Claire, who was sitting next to me :)
Yesterday I had rehearsal with the kids of the music school and right after that my class with Iris. Music from 16:30 to 20:00. Today I've practiced from 18 to 21. Scales first and then the second Telemann sonata for two violins.
I'd like to play longer, but I'm afraid the neighbours may complain. I would also like to play another couple of hours in the morning, but I'm at work... :(

Ok, back to my laminar flames. I have to finish with that as soon as possible!

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